ASMR Red Dead Redemption 2: Sitting By The Campfire Ambience

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ASMR Red Dead Redemption 2: Sitting By The Campfire Ambience

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Dr. Ron DeHaven offers advice on getting your cat to the veterinarian

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One of the hardest parts of getting your cat into your veterinarian for regular visits is getting your cat into your veterinarian. Often times, cats dont travel well. They can be fearful of their cat carrier and the car, as well as the veterinarians office. The CATalyst Council was formed about two years ago to increase the amount of veterinary care that cats receive, because cats are about half as likely as dogs to go to the veterinarian regularly. Dr. Ron DeHaven, AVMA CEO, talks in this video about some tips the American Association of Feline Practitioners and the American Animal Hospital Association developed on how to train your cat to visit the veterinarian with less panic, claws, and howling.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine & Animal Biosciences

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At Delaware, Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Biosciences majors have the unique opportunity to work closely with the department’s faculty, which includes leading scholars in fields like nutrition, physiology, immunology, virology, molecular biology, and animal production and management. All major courses and laboratories are taught by faculty, ensuring that students have immediate access to these specialists. Beginning with the first semester, students work hands-on with animals, at the University’s on-site, 350-acre teaching and research farm.

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First Equestrian Vaulting Lesson!

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Official Crazy8Family video of the girls first time equestrian vaulting!

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CLOUD | The Trojan Horse (from jmyrtle13 Productions)

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Based on The Odyssey, this is basically a cartoon of the Greek-built Trojan Horse as the Greek leader Odysseus builds an 80ft. tall wooden horse. Inside they stuff 5 Greek soldiers including Odysseus. The Trojans decide to place the horse inside the walls of Troy. While the city slept, Odysseus opens a secret trap door hidden on the bottom of the horse. They climb down and tie the sleeping Guards of Troy. In the meantime… Odysseus climbs up the tower above the walls of Troy. Holding a torch above his head, he signaled the Greek soldiers which had turned around and sailed back to Troy. The Greeks find their captured princess and re-fight Troy. Caught by surprise, The Trojans are defeated by the Greeks. And the Greeks go home in victory!!!!!!!!!!

06 November 2018 Arowana Community Tank Vlog #257

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Feeding of De-shelled Prawns/Shrimps into the community tank.

1 Indonesian Tiger Fish
1 Crossback Golden Arowana
1 Black Diamond Hybrid Stingray
1 Designer/Super Hybrid Stingray
1 Channa Marulioides (Malaysia)
1 Senegalus Bichir
1 Azul Peacock Bass Fish
1 Tiger Oscar Fish
2 King Kong Parrot Fishes

Tank size: 6ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft

2 Channa Asiatica Red

Updates on the fish tank will be posted frequently.
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Happy fish-keeping fellow fish-keepers!

Reptile Youth: Be My Yoko Ono (official music video)

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Directed by Lucy McRae in collaboration with Hyper Island Motion Graphics 13 Stockholm
D.O.P: Felix Swensson 
Edited by Dorrit Andersen
Post production by Norman Nisbet / Larsen VFX  
Producer: Kate Constable, Leandro Santini, Andreas Markström, Daniel Cansu
Starring: Reptile Youth
Editing facilities by Welcome Post

Are we running? No let’s leave this bar
Will you tell me. If we start to
Is it empty? The box called tonight
No we still got Mountains to do
Mountains to chew

Be my. My Yoko Ono
I need someone to hold my hand
Be my. My Yoko Ono
For you I’ll break up my band

Can we make it? I don’t know let’s try
If we don’t try. We’ll never know
Are you hungry? I’m happy with you
Are you happy. With yogurt too?

Be my. My Yoko Ono
I need someone to hold my hand
Be my. My Yoko Ono
For you I’ll break up my band

Let’s go Shanghai high. Let’s go Shanghai high
Build until we reach the sky. Let’s go Shanghai high

Be my. My Yoko Ono
For you I’ll break up my band
Be my. My Yoko Ono
I need someone to hold my hand
Be my. My Yoko Ono
For you I’ll break up my band

Let’s go Shanghai high. Let’s go Shanghai high
Build until we reach the sky. Let’s go Shanghai high

Kitten Wearing a Tiny Hat Eats a Tiny Ice-Cream Cone

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After a hard week of being smacked around by Speedo, nothing takes the edge off like delicious ice cream. Scout Jr. stars in this rampaging ode to commercialism, brought to you by Lake Street Creamery. You knew it had to happen, and besides, they’re our cats.

Lake Street Creamery is a mobile food truck based in Los Angeles, specializing in handmade gourmet ice creams.

Read our alarming manifesto here:

Cats Hate Being Flipped Off – Funny Angry Cat Reaction to Middle Finger Compilation

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1. Best Of Dog And Baby Videos Compilation

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