Best Dog Training Video Ever! – 11 week old trained German Shepherd puppies!

Best Dog Training Video Ever!  -  11 week old trained German Shepherd puppies!

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Best Puppy Training Video! Watch how these cute puppies are trained using positive & motivational methods. Professional breeders of German Shepherds who selectively breed from the very best lines, quality breeders who focus on sound temperments and even dispositions. Watch how they perform the Bio Sensor Program on German Shepherd puppies. These puppies are fully trained at just 11 weeks old! The owners are certified dog trainers using positive reinforcement training They are dedicated to training and breeding full time and are promoted and endorsed by Cesar Milan… “Breeder of Choice” They absolutely ‘LOVE’ what they do! Check them out at:

32 thoughts on “Best Dog Training Video Ever! – 11 week old trained German Shepherd puppies!”

  1. I've always wanted one. I'm very good with Dogs. All Animals really. I just couldn't afford one of your I'm sure. Great job what your doing.

  2. I love how you train these puppies, a real inspiration. God bless you all. could you please tell me the name of the last song in the video? thank you

  3. I have a 16 week old german shepherd puppy, named rex. when I got him at 8 weeks old, I immediately started working with him in german commands. that is all I use around him. we are still progressing further with different commands and training. my advice to anyone, is this. work ,work, work. it takes minutes to get him to focus on ya. I have his attention when I take my time to give him attention. he, can lay, stay, sit, down, heel, roll over and come. and that is only half, of what he can do. keep practicing, and it will pay off.

  4. if they're 11 weeks they must have some HUGE and i mean big ass parents. i'm looking at my 11 week old german shepherd girl right now and she's no where near as developed in bone structure and size as they are.

  5. Hi I have a min pin and she goes crazy when she sees other dogs and tenses her body and kind of crys and she is already spaced and is about a year and a half

  6. Whoever put this video together did a really job. I'm a first time cat owner but damn now I want my dog back. Maybe I'll just have two pets

  7. Well, luckily, we have the other dogs/puppies, the senior center where the pups are exposed to the elderly and all of the scary canes, walkers, wheelchairs, etc., 9 children (no need for a children laughing tape!) and their school where the pups visited, Ian Dunbar training from 8 weeks (by us and a local amazing trainer/behaviorist). They are pretty well trained at 3 months and 4 months old, if I do say so myself! The problem lies with our 6 year old cocker, where we did not do any of this, having never heard of it. We hope she doesn't undo all of their cooperation and training. Also, we are working on her feeling 100% included so that she doesn't more than "mouth" one of the pups while being jealous. I will NEVER be an irresponsible dog owner again! Not training is as bad as not caring, in my opinion (including myself, 6 years ago). :/

  8. Thank you for sharing, I truly enjoyed and learned valuable help tips. I understand why my yorkie is so gun-shy and timid now when we are out in public. I have been taking him out with me since I got him at 8wks. I don't go out alot, but when I do. He is 8 months now. I wish you were here on Maui. I could use the help in training him to be my emotional support when I'm out. Also my daughter's pitbull will be having a litter.This video will help us 🙂

  9. To anybody who's ever had a Shepherd, it just makes sense, really – working breed, give the brain something engaging to do, that makes the dog happy, plus doing any activity with your human is always enjoyable with for the dog, happy dog = dog in state of mind to learn = dog ready to be best possible canine citizen.I don't think there's ever an age when a Shepherd is not ready to learn – I was privileged to know a 9-y-o dog who was good-natured and well-behaved,, but had never had anything resembling formal training.  It was like watching him find what he had been meant to do all his life.

  10. 2nd tour coming up with my K9 justice , Much love for all shepherds, and trainers.
    Love from australia, Royal Australian Airforce Dog handler: OUT

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