21 thoughts on “Big girl ride a horse”

  1. when that horse collapses under her, and she comes thundering down on top of it…..she it going to literally crush that poor animal. Couldn't they have found her a bigger horse?

  2. This is ridiculous! This makes me furious! You're perfect the way you are, but the barn could've gotten a bigger horse for you. I'm not skinny, I'm actually quite thick, but I at least get a horse that's the proper size for me.

  3. People just hate fat women, she is not too big, nor is the horse too small.
    It obviously has no problem carrying her, and it used to be that many full size and large people rode much smaller horses then they do these days, and they did not hurt them then, either. 
    The extreme fringe animal rights crowd is out of control making up things that are simply not true.

  4. I'm not going to be rude about this (like Andy up there) because I too am curvy, but honestly, they could have put you on a bigger horse, one that could easily carry a larger rider. I have 2 wonderful horses, a thoroughbred and a Clydesdale cross. Go through my videos, you will see them.

    You are too tall for that pony, not to mention if he bucked or bolted, you are in a prime position to get bucked off. Toes are pointed to the ground instead of up…..that's how riders get dragged.

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