Exotic Pets: What is a springhaas? Meet “Rudi”!

Exotic Pets: What is a springhaas? Meet "Rudi"!

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Rudi is a pet springhaas, also known as South African springhares. He is captive-bred, born in the United States. They are bipedal rodents that live in burrows during the day and come out at night to forge for grasses and tubers. In the United States, they are exceptionally rare in captivity, especially if captive bred. Their privately owned populations were affected by the 2003 African rodent embargo which has since been lifed. Springhaas give birth to only 1 young about 3 times a year, but they are very hard to breed in captivity!
I am a private owner of a small number of indoor exotic pets. On this channel I post videos of my uninteresting life made a little more interesting because I exercise my right to own animals that are suitable for captivity and pose little or no risk to public safety, health, or the environment. Exotic pet owners are relentlessly under attack from animal rights activists and legislators. Even animals as irrefutably harmless as hedgehogs are often banned while no one bats an eye. Even if you disagree with owning pets, you should not force other humans to live by your personal beliefs.
Exotic pets are NOT wild animals:
Think it’s easy to determine what’s ‘domesticated’ and makes a good pet? Think again. Some consider cats as not domesticated:
10 Fast Reasons Why Exotic Pets Should Be Legal:
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