Willing Partners – Hollywood Gladiator Join-Up

Willing Partners - Hollywood Gladiator Join-Up

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Monty Roberts does Join-Up ® with Hollywood Gladiator a new Willing Partner (2011). More information on www.montyroberts.com

10 thoughts on “Willing Partners – Hollywood Gladiator Join-Up”

  1. Everyone says Montey Roberts mentally abuses horses, but I don't see it. With horses stuff is mental to them most of the time. Connecting with a horse is all mental.

  2. Hey, beautiful video! I have some questions.Once you achieve the submission signals, and go to invite the horse in by hooking with your left shoulder, what do you do in these two scenarios?
    -What if the horse keeps running when you invite them in? What do you do?
    -What do you do if they stop and face you, but do not follow you?
    Thank you 🙂

  3. I like when he said "we cant call them stupid because they aren't thinking like a primate." So true, fact of the matter is, they're not primates, they're horses.

  4. Mr. roberts you are truly my inspiration, I've never seen people act like you and I love it, I love that you can speak to horses without having to beat them, I with more horse trainers were like you, sir

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