Dr. Becker: Are Vaccinations Necessary for Pets?

Dr. Becker: Are Vaccinations Necessary for Pets?

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In this video, proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker talks about pet vaccinations. Dr. Becker also encourages you to find a holistic veterinarian who will partner with you to keep your pet healthy.

34 thoughts on “Dr. Becker: Are Vaccinations Necessary for Pets?”

  1. I really wish I knew this before I had my dear (indoor)cat vaccinated on schedule as the vet recommended. She developed lymphoma and died two days ago. She was only three.. I am pretty sure its from the vaccines. Why else would such a young cat get so ill?? I'm so depressed about it. She was my all, such a beautiful, loving, funny cat, always in a good mood. I had another cat before her, I didnt vaccinate her (she was never ill) and when I went to the vet with teeth issues, the vet was angry with me for not vaccinating. So I started vaccinating her. Within 2 years she also got cancer 🙁 .. at least she got to be 14 years old. When I'm ready I will adopt another cat, which will just get one good shot and then no more vaccines. My heart is broken, I miss my little baby so much :'(

  2. Does anyone know about parvo vac.? Do they ever need another one? I've stopped all vaccinations. But the neighbors dog got parvo and now I'm wondering if I should do something to protect mine?

  3. We will be getting our puppy at the end of next month. With my last pup (2005) I just did what the vet suggested each time. But since then I’ve learned a lot more about vaccines for people & pooches. So, my question is at 8 weeks do they need to begin the vaccines? Or how long is it safe/best to wait to begin the process & which ones are truly necessary? Are there any that could/should be skipped? What is your protocol for puppy vaccines? Thank you so much!!

  4. Lactoferrin prevents cancer by denying neoplastic cells the iron they must have to expand. I have seen lactoferrin kill a mammary tumor on a dog. The growth detached from the dog's underside and hung loose in a fold of skin. Lactoferrin also starves tumors of blood. Give lactoferrin as prevention, don't wait till cancer forms to start. It's also useful for other immune defenses. If you buy and have it shipped, beware! If it's exposed to lots of high temperatures in transit the potency may suffer. For this reason I buy a year's worth of such substances and have delivered when fall arrives and summer's oven has cooled.

  5. Before a rabies shot (3 years) I gave my dog calcium D-glucarate, selenium and reduced L-glutathione, and again 20 minutes afterwards. Milk thistle and dandelion are also useful.

  6. My mom used to live in another country (which didn’t have these laws) she found some stray pups and one of them lived almost 17 years. So yes, I do believe vaccinations for dogs are not very necessary. Just make sure your dog is healthy and happy.

  7. We need more veterinarians like Dr. John Robb to stand up for the oath he took and we, the pet owners need to back him! I had two littermates, Sotts & Nikki.  They were 15 years old. It was "time" for their 3 year rabies vaccine – required by law. I was very hesitant because they were old but in really good health. I did take them to get their vaccine in mid-June or I would not be able to get their county license July 1st and I would be fined by the county and ultimately my dogs taken away. By mid August they were both dead – Both of them! I was devastated!! Within 2 weeks of the vaccines they were getting sick. Nikki was having seizures. Sotts just stopped eating.  I incurred several thousands of dollars in vet bills.  They passed a week apart and I was heart-broken – TWICE – and ultimately, I feel, for shots they never needed considering their age.


  9. I stopped all vaccinations on my Chihuahua at age 2 and she lived for 21 years, it's been a year now and I miss her!

  10. We had an 11-year-old Chihuahua Pomeranian mix named Poncho that was very healthy before I took him to the Veterinarian in Michigan to get his Rabies Vaccination. That was in February of 2017. From that point on his health started to decline. We took him back to the Imlay City Vet because he was not eating and was acting Lethargic. The doctor said he had Pancreatitis caused by the food he was eating. She would not admit that the Rabies vaccine could have something to do with his condition. She told us that he needed to be on fluids and that we could leave him there but no one would be there to watch him at night. We did not think he should be alone so, that evening we took him to the Wilson Vet Hospital in Romeo. They did blood work on him and said that he was in complete kidney failure NOT Pancreatitis. Doctor Wilson told us we should just “put him down” (So Cold Hearted) because we would need to give him fluids at home and we would not be able to do it because he was too mean. If the Doctor saying that did not wrench our hearts enough, while he was in there one of the interns fractured Poncho’s jaw trying to give him oral medicine. No one at the Wilson Veterinary Hospital apologized or claimed responsibility for what happened to his jaw. They did do x-rays on his jaw free but Geez that is the least they could do. They charged us for the rest of it, though, around $700.00. We had to give him fluids through a syringe every day for the rest of his life to keep him hydrated and to keep his kidneys from working as good as they could.
    There is a test that the Veterinarians do not to tell you about, it is a called Titer (Tighter) test. It measures your pet’s immune system level. A rabies shot is a booster shot that boosts your pet’s immune system. Every 3 years your pet is supposed to get this shot but sometimes this shot is in their system for 7 to 10 years. Therefore, your pet should not need a shot. Unless the Titer (Tighter) test is done, you never know what their immune system level is and unless you know that, the Vet will give them a booster weather they need it or not.
    I never knew about the Titer test. The Vets never told me about it and I think if Poncho would have had it, it would have saved his life. The shot he got was directly responsible for his death. I blame the Veterinarian’s for not giving us the option to get this Titer (Tighter) test. He was too small of an animal to have all those vaccinations in him. Poncho was like a baby to us and our hearts are broken because he is gone. We lost him August 14, 2017. A part of us is gone forever. Please, if you love your pets, do not believe that you have to give your pets these vaccinations every year or 3 years. Have the Vets give them a Titer (Tighter) test to see if they need them. Go on the Internet, look it up, and be informed.
    It has been almost 4 months this we lost Poncho and the pain and hurt is still here. I confronted the Imlay City Vet about the Titer test and they told me “The State doesn’t recognize the Titer Test”. OMG, they are more concerned about what the State of Michigan thinks than the health of our pets. The only thing they told me after asking about the Titer Test and how the Rabies booster destroyed his kidneys was, “He had weak kidneys”, unbelievable. No compassion, No responsibility for what happened to him. My wife has just learned of two more pet owners that lost their pet or had them harmed because of this Vet. One said the vet killed their pet but WE don’t know why yet and the other said that they took their dog in because it had a haze over its eyes. The Vet refused to see the dog and by the time they got him into another vet, he was blind. We do not need Vets like this taking care of our pets.

  11. Dr. Karen Becker is wrong. Half of the pets don't die of Cancer. It's one in six. And my Shelties have lived over 16 years and I've vaccinated all of them yearly.

  12. Really love to hear veterinarians talking about the unnecessary vaccines! Healthy dogs, most certainly do not need them and can usually fight off most diseases on their own. Thank you Dr. Becker.

  13. If it wasn't for the animal control laws in the current town I live in, I would never vaccinate my dogs every yr, especially because one always has a horrible reaction to it.

  14. I'm done with my puppies shots, he will,not be getting anymore, if i have concerns I will have titers drawn. Its that simple

  15. NEVER got any more shots than the first ones they forced them to get.
    Never go back to the doctor with a sick pet either!
    Never once in 20 years, so if it ain't broke, don't fix It!
    Stupid people believe shots equal immunity. Hahaha

  16. I honestly never brought my cat to the vet for 11 years since we adopted her and she's so much healthier than many of my friend's cats who go to the vet regularly for vaccinations.

  17. The whole thing is just a(nother )money grab.
    Most cities REQUIRE at the very least rabies vaccinations – even in indoor pets with absolutely ZERO risk of contracting rabies.
    Another (among bazillions) of laws meant to make a small percentage of irresponsible people behave responsibly – which no number or type of laws can do.

  18. Hell with the prices no wonder people don't get dogs or cats. Shoot poor things and some landlords don't allow pets. So sad and then with the medical bills when your pet get really sick, sadly some people just give up. Sad for these cute pets.

  19. I'm thinking of not doing Vaccines for my dogs but I'm still thinking of doing my first shots so my dog can still be safe and immune at least.. Question though!

    I just got a puppy and she's getting her 8wk , 12wk & 16wk!

    Does she still need her 1 year? Or Should you do it one more time when the dogs older then stop.

  20. Implies vets that vaccinate and vaccine makers are greedy for profit institutions…..but those that titer test or makers of titers tests are not in it for a profit. Plz share your profit margin for each so the public can be truly informed. If "follow the money" is your marketing platform than lets see all the facts.

  21. Way to improve pets life. But still I wish that at least basic things were being done , thank you for your videos they are helpful and Inlightning

  22. Amazing:) started watching your videos las week ! Very logical and understandable for a person without medical education.even thou very little of your advise can be used in life in ukrain it is still very beneficial!in my country many people are not ready to understand the holistic aprouche and a lot of those who are have no means for it.we are doing like 20%of what you recommend and are considered accessive and honestly even weird:) I understand that unless how an life gets better there is no w

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