African Wild Dog Mom Needs a Break from Pups

African Wild Dog Mom Needs a Break from Pups

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When you have 12 hungry pups to feed, sometimes you need a break.
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21 thoughts on “African Wild Dog Mom Needs a Break from Pups”

  1. These things are vermin, I'd happily shoot the lot, that would save lots of animals from an agonising death. And give newly borns a chance to have at least part of a life. Those who like these sorts of killers are sick.

  2. Cutest pups ever! So many, too! Wild dogs have huge litters, but they must to off-set the mortality rate, which is high among all the predators in Africa.

  3. They're endangered so if I'd been part of this film crew I wouldn't hesitate to empty a 50kg bag of Epol amongst the pack, infact I may even spring for "With gravy!" gourmet tinned stuff.

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