32 thoughts on “Bearded dragon gasping for air. Years of pet shop neglect. 13”

  1. Can someone help me my baby fancy bearded dragon isn’t growing as my other one. I’ve had them for about 4 months. The male is healthy acting great. However the female hardly eats she will only eat baby superworms and barely crickets. She did something scary the other day she kept shaking and her body froze up as if she was laying down. Her back legs were stiff laying down in the back while she was shaking. It looked like a seizure. I took her in petsmart the place I bought her they kept her for a while I came back and rebought her cause they said she was healthy. But she doesn’t seem to be. Could it be MBD?? I have no idea help !

  2. i showed it to Spike (my beardie) and he was looking at it like "What in mealworms has caused one of my brethren to fall sick?"

  3. People need to learn that when animals get this bad, that the best solution is euthanasia immediately, and not prolong suffering because you have a delusion of a full recovery.

  4. This happened to mine not too long ago. We gave his plenty of supplements through mouth injections and after 1 week of that and proper sunshine she was better than ever

  5. You're a good person, even tho you knew he wasn't going to make it you gave him/her love and care before he/she had to go. Just a question, did you report that horrible pet shop?

  6. Aww i so sorry i had a beardie who got water aspiration he did gasp like that oh how i feel bad for u i m sorry for ur loss ur so good with your animals

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  8. Poor beardie 🙁 makes me so sad and mad that someone would breed a beardie so badly, if you dont know how to breed them just don't

  9. the same happend to me today my resqeu bearded dragon died he wouldnt eat i had to forse feed him RIP Schatje 5/2/16 i miss you

  10. Atadenovirus is a contagious disease that can cause serious illness in bearded dragons. Older literature refers to it as adenovirus. It may also be known as "wasting disease" and "stargazing" disease, among other terms. Unfortunately, this virus is very common in bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps) collections and can be fatal.

  11. I acquired one just three months ago and her health is deteriorating and is heading in the direction yours is in now. I think the person that said organ failure is right on. I have a healthy male I raised from a small juvenile and he is big and fat and if good shape. I share your heartbreak. This is emotionally tough for me as it is hers. If people only understood these are not throw a way animals and the pet store owners knew how to read the books they stock…

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