Aussie Reptile Expo’s – CrittaCam

Aussie Reptile Expo's - CrittaCam

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Aussie Reptile Expo’s – CrittaCam

Join Pete as takes you around the country to check out Australia’s awesome reptile expo’s

Follow CrittaCam on their wildlife adventures as they bring some of the most amazing wildlife of the world into your home in their weekly show. Hosted by Peter Birch an Australian Reptile expert with over 30+years experience in handling and care of Australian reptiles and amphibians . Come back every week for another new episode where Peter will take you around the world on some of the most amazing animal adventures.

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30 thoughts on “Aussie Reptile Expo’s – CrittaCam”

  1. Awesome video
    Loved the specimens on show. I’m from South Africa and we allowed to keep exotic reptiles without permits, but indigenous reptiles permits are required. What are the requirements in Australia over keeping reptiles and tarantulas in captivity?

  2. I love how quick you guys get through so many interesting animals. Makes it easy & fun to watch.
    Btw love all those silver phases!

  3. Awesome video! Come out to WA next time we have an expo. It's pretty small but some awesome endemic species and individuals.

  4. Can yall make a video that shows off the different species of skinks, opposed to just a video that shows off blue tongues?

    I really want to buy a skink, but i dont know all the different kinds or which would be good for what environment.

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