How To Put New Fish Into A Fish Tank

How To Put New Fish Into A Fish Tank

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A video lesson on How To Put New Fish Into A Fish Tank that will improve your fishkeeping skills. Learn how to get good at fishkeeping from Videojug’s hand-picked experts.

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26 thoughts on “How To Put New Fish Into A Fish Tank”

  1. Yeah, float the fish in the bag for a few mins. Just get the fish out yourself (with your hands, a net) so you don’t pour the pet store water in. After all, other fish in the store could have harmful bacteria or disease.

  2. I didn't understand these extra cautions, I used to put directly all the fish I bough into the tank. never had a problem

  3. Yea I did this almost exactly and within 3 hours all 3 goldfish and algae eater were dead. We waited 5 days and just got fish from Petco. Did everything the same but add the water to the tank. Kids are pretty excited

  4. I once had 2 goldfish. "Big deal" you say… well, one was called bit,one was called bot. One day, bit,bit bot,but bot bit bit back…so fair enuff i thought.

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