Dog Training: Stop Your Dogs from Barking and Jumping on Guests – Thriving Canine

Dog Training: Stop Your Dogs from Barking and Jumping on Guests - Thriving Canine

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Stop your dogs from jumping and barking on guests.

Chad Culp, Certified Dog Trainer, Canine Behavior Specialist and owner of Thriving Canine reviews techniques to work with dogs who bark, jump and become unmanageable when they hear a doorbell. Some dogs jump on guests the minute they come in the door. Chad demonstrates basic as well as advanced training exercise providing suggestions for managing your dog while greeting and entertaining guests.

Dog Training Tips – Episode Highlights:

-How to manage dogs when guests come over (1:40)
-How to manage guests of the dog training exercise (1:58)
-Tether your dog at the door if dog’s training isn’t advanced (2:44)
-Calmly bring your dog around guests on leash (4:00)
-Praise your dog for a job well done (4:47)
-Allow guests to say hi to the dog now that your dog is calm (4:43)
-Practicing this dog training exercise often – even when alone (5:09)
-Desensitize your dogs to doorbells and door knocking (5:18)


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Chad Culp
Certified Dog Trainer and Canine Behavior Specialist

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Dog Training: 3 Ways to Socialize Your Dog – Thriving Canine

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28 thoughts on “Dog Training: Stop Your Dogs from Barking and Jumping on Guests – Thriving Canine”

  1. That was the best information/training I’ve seen so far! This works for me in how I will use with my puppy! Thank you dear sir for sharing this!!!

  2. 4.20, ''We are going to calm him down then then when he's calm we let him say Hi.'' Hardly dealing with an excited dog is he? My dog would be on it back legs barking at this point, trying to get to the sofa.

  3. Nice video but you need a new guest knocking, she can't follow instruction. You told her to come in, don't look at dog. She walks in bends down to acknowledge dog. What an idiot.

  4. My dogs go absolutely crazy and just don't give up on jumping up and licking like mad. So stressful having guests round. I know it's all my fault just don't know if they will ever change.

  5. Love this video. My shepherd cries and whines loudly when I answer the door and he is tied. Do I just try to ignore him until he calms down?

  6. Great video, I had not thought of the leash on the doorknob–good idea! I like the background music guitar too, what's the name of the song…would love to learn to play it.

  7. Wow, the practice with leash when a guest is arriving is very nice. I was afraid of dogs before, and I wish that people could have shown me the respect to not just let their big dogs jump on me when arriving. Today I love dogs and I am not afraid, and one day when I get a dog myself I will think about these things when having guests. Thank you for clear instructions!

  8. Thank you so much, that was very informative. I am a first time dog owner and i am totally going follow your instructions.

  9. this doesn't help people who don't have somewhere to tie up their dogs near the front door.  I for one don't have any place near the front door to tie up my 3 dogs so suggestions would be helpful especially as they feed off each others excitement

  10. This video makes wish that I could do this with my dogs. I have 2 black labs. A 12 year old that well behaved. I had him since he was 7 weeks old. The other one is 3 years old. He is unbearable. He was purchased by a man who believes that a dog should be a dog. He brought him home on a lakefront property and let him go. This dog lived "Wild" for a year and a half then I adopted him. He did not know his name. He did not understand when spoken to, not even simple commands, paw, sit, stay, down, leave it…
    I have had him for a year and a half now. He knows his name, sits, down, learning leave it but forget stay.

  11. This is awesome information Chad.  I really appreciate you including us in these videos.  We will definitely start work on this training.  Love the Twilight Zone intro but you need to work a bit more on your Rod Serling impression.  LOL!

  12. The Twilight Zone intro gave me a laugh. Nicely done, and it gives a good sense of WHY a knock or doorbell is so exciting to a dog.

  13. how are you ,
    If anyone else is  find out the most effective hints for training their dog
    try banfan turbo dog trainer ( search on google)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my auntie got cool success with it. 

  14. I would think if you tie an excited dog to a moving door or gate, it might not create a good situation. It should go without saying, but people are people and we all make mistakes. Make sure the door is closed securely.

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