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  1. Not to be rude but when you ride Western you’re supposed to ride one handed showing and for 2 handed you use it for balance and figuring out how to steer you are suppose to ride one handed for western

  2. You guys should do a second part ! I’ve been thinking about uploading riding videos and would love for you guys to react to mine !

  3. Do you have an email that I can send a video of my new horse and I showing in ? I would love for you to react to it!

  4. I understand the idea, but you clearly don’t know enough about riding to critique other people. I just know you’re going to get a lot of “hate” comments about that. Maybe if you want to react you should react to your own videos? People would actually enjoy that. I would too. You’re learning yourselves.. you aren’t really fit to critique other people at this time. It could make lots of people upset

  5. You guys have nerve to criticize other people when you 1) are beginners yourselves and 2) know nothing about other types of riding (and barely enough about the style you do ride)

  6. Ok I hate when people think steering is bad it’s called neck raining and it’s a type of western discipline I am so sorry that sounded very jerky

  7. I have my heart set on going to go to Canada and meeting them I went to Canada once (9 hour drive) It my take a lot of convincing but so worth It
    Love you guys so much !!

  8. Not staying anything bad but I'm just saying, some people ACTULLY get tired when it comes to riding I know because I own a Lippizaner and 4 other horses and also donkeys and the struggle get real! I have been riding for 22 years and I'm not a pro at it I have came first a lot but it's not from the riding it's from the technic

  9. I have Triple scoliosis, Sherman's syndrome and Juvenile kypnosis. Multiple knee and Ankle Problems. I have many times thought of giving up cause the pain. And thought it wasnt worth it. But when you love something you won't let anything stop you. I feel so sad for the first girl in the video, Just know hunny do what u want and dont let anything stop you.

  10. React to my fall off my pony, If you do watch the video it was filmed a while ago and my pony was very forward then and was near impossible to get her to go off jumps without canter, and what happened was she suddenly did a little rear and buck and I landed on the side of the saddle and as I tried to get back on as I was partially off she decided to start to canter and buck which threw me off balance, my pony then very quickly turned around and I shuffled on my butt outta the way. She then decided to bolt around the arena for about a minute.

    Keep in mind the video was filmed months ago and I have improved a lot from when it happened, by the way, to see the video type up into youtube, Horse fall off Fable , Love your vids, keep up the good work.

  11. You could ride for 8 years straight then take a 1 year break then you’re back to the basics. You can’t expect to hop back on a horse and remember every single thing and have every muscle in the right places anymore. I used to jump up to 3’9 and now I can barely go over 2ft. Consistency is key when it comes to equitation. Athletes don’t takes breaks/vacations then come back and win. They train day in and day out to reach their goals. So when you decide to pursue school and can’t ride as much don’t beat yourself up because you can’t give your horses as much attention or because you don’t ride as good as you did before. Sometimes riding is just riding and it’s not always about looking perfect. As long as you’re both happy there will never be a good reason to not ride.

  12. 2:45 Western horses are neck reined. Which is common, what us wrong with her besides moving a lot she is not looking where she is going, holding saddle horn which is a big no no in showing and just loping. Western horses are trained (I assume storm is neck reined too. But plow reining is common to I do have video on my colt on my channel which is working on neck reining). She is also off balance. Western horses are trained to turn on a dime from weight shift and neck rein. English horses are trained to move more elegantly and wider turns, not quick turns like western horses. Though I did ride a English horse and got it to do the western turn around. Not judging her CP, I've just seen thousands of western riders hold the horn and get a docked off.

  13. Yeah sometimes it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been riding because I’ve been riding for my whole life but I’m been barrel racing for three years it just depends on how your trained to ride and how good you are and it’s the girls first jump nobody is perfect the first time. it takes time and practice to get where you want to be

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