My DOG Always CHEWS on His Leash – ask me anything – Dog Training Video

My DOG Always CHEWS on His Leash - ask me anything - Dog Training Video

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Dogs will often chew on their leash in order to initiate behavior from the handler or to act dominantly. in either case it is not a good habit to allow a dog to get into. There are aversive ways to curb the problem, but the first step is to get the dog to understand that the behavior is not acceptable. In this video I address a viewer whose dog is pulling on the leash until they reach the front gate!

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4 thoughts on “My DOG Always CHEWS on His Leash – ask me anything – Dog Training Video”

  1. Hi Robert, really love your vids, my question is, What are good dog treats to use during training? Thanks is advanced

  2. My family and I struggle with our adopted AmStaff on walks! It’s a total nightmare, once she starts tugging she is so strong that I can’t stop, unless I let go of the leash. I don’t want to give up on walking her but it’s hard as we have made zero progress in almost a year

  3. Yep. I also find making the dog do a circle helps or backup so they can see the gate but not ever reach it unless they walk nicely. Many ways to deal with this. Great video as always. Thanks Robert : )

  4. Hi i think your channel is awesome and i learn a lot.. I am a 14yr old youtuber and my channel is called K9 Boy. I would appreciate it if you check it out. I would love to collab with you. Keep up the good work

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