Quickest way to cycle a fish tank | Tank Seeding and Nitrifying Bacteria in a Bottle | SO EASY!

Quickest way to cycle a fish tank | Tank Seeding and Nitrifying Bacteria in a Bottle | SO EASY!

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How do you set up a new aquarium? Well this is the first step!
In this video I discus 2 ways to cycle an aquarium.. seeding the aquarium with media from an established tank OR using a pre-grown colony of nitrifying bacteria that you can buy at the store in a bottle.
➤Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle Video:
These, in my opinion, are by far the easiest ways for new aquarium owners to prepare their new tank for future fish. What is your go to method?

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33 thoughts on “Quickest way to cycle a fish tank | Tank Seeding and Nitrifying Bacteria in a Bottle | SO EASY!”

  1. I have a runing 5 gallon tank and im seting up a 10 gallon used tank that i bought from a friend what should i do If i wanna set up the 10 gallon used tank to do the cicle faster, wgat do you recomend, thanks.?

  2. I use a product called Seachem Stability. I was able to do a fish in cycle on a 60 gallon that only took a week. No stressed or lost fish due to the process. Ammonia never peaked above .25 ppm and nitrites peaked at 2 ppm. Now my tank is super stable and I use the same product for new tanks or any time I decide to clean my fx4.

  3. Wait ! Aren't tiger barbs are suppose to destroy or nip on other flowing and big tails like guppies how did you do that??!

  4. I bought the tetra water care kit for less than $4 at Wal-Mart, bought a moss ball with my fish also. I set my tank and added water conditioner, some food pellets, and a tablet. Left my betta in the cup it was in, Waited 24 hrs, bought a test kit the next day & tested the ammonia, PH, nitrite & nitrate & all were good. I acclimated my fish, and so far so good!

  5. Woody'S Discus (FB)

    95% minimum of the store bought bacteria is dead (to 99%). Do yourself a favor and use your old gravel ,plants,and old water from your filters. Anything from your tank. Make your water brown as it will clean up in a few hours to a day (depends on filtration).
    All plants, driftwood etc. has good bacteria in or on it, the main source of good bacteria are your FILTERS !Use that black water, it will be clear in no time (the larger the filter the faster)

  6. I put API quick start in a the new filter in my established tank. After a couple days it has a large enough colony to put it in a new tank and have an instant cycle.

  7. Hello ! I have new 10 gallon tank with new sand substrate, new live plants, and new ornaments. The tap water have been treated with chlorine remover. I took a HOB filter from an established 20 gallon tank and hung it on this new 10 gallon tank!! I heard this will speed up my cycle in the new tank. It's been cycling for 5 days now. I have NO fish in the tank yet. How long should I cycle it before buying/adding fish to the tank. Tested for ammonia and it read 0 ppm. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks
    P.S. The old filter that I took from the 20 gallon has always been in a disease free tank and alI the fish are healthy, has been running for about 5 years now.

  8. Nice job! Thumbs UP all the way, I'm definitely checking into the bacteria in a bottle method. Have a FABULOUS day 🙂

  9. I am currently trying to cycle my tank. I went to my aquatics shop near me and he gave me a big bag of tank water and said to put that in my tank. I just turned on my second hand filter without cleaning the sponge because i thought it might have some bacteria in it. this was used for goldfish before and I'm going to get a Betta. I am to go back to the shop with a sample in 5 days and he will check it for me. If it's safe great if not he said he will give me something to speed up the process. Thoughts?

  10. Thank you! As always concise, no waffle advice. Can you make a video for other youtubers teaching them how to not waffle endlessly, please.

  11. lol your videos are cute and easy to watch. any ways just wondering do i need to completely cycle the tank if im just planing to keep some guppies, because i heard guppies are fairly hardy fish and some people use them to cycle the tank.

  12. I'm setting up a new tank, and I would like to do this. However, my old tank has issues with algae, and I don't want to bring algae over to my new tank too. So I'm just gonna leave the new tank be, with occasional water changes, for a while

  13. A MONTH?? I'm getting a new 10g tank…I'll set it up then shift the sponge filter into the new tank and leave it for about a week. That's really all that's needed to balance the cycle and stop the freaky bad stuff that could happen.
    I'll have a few cories and my sorority of female bettas in that tank, and hopefully the stand it'll sit on won't collapse in my doorway like my 3ft tank did!

  14. Great advice. If you want to avoid NO2-poisoning you must add a teaspoon of salt (aquarium salt or salt without additives (if you live nearby a jewish shop, kosher-salt).
    NaCl blocks the toxicity of NO2 to a certain degree. And the NO2-spike is the most dangerous thing in the hobby. I did everything right in my pot-pond this summer, biomedia from an old aquarium, old filter media, JBL bacteria … but then the weather changed and I transferred too fast too many fish into the pot-pond. Day-after-day everything was fine, tested the wter in the morning but in the evening I noticed a change in the fish. One oldfish turned upside down, then another … NO2-spike. Only one fish did not make it, the other fish recovered. Betta, Gourami, goldfish, danio, guppy fish like a bit of salt into the water.
    A small teaspoon every ten gallons works fine for these fish.

  15. I've used the bacteria in a bottle and it worked immediately, I got it tested at a pet store and it turned out perfect. 🙂

  16. Thank you for the video! It was very helpful! I do have another question though, I just got a new male betta, As I see you are successful with placing your male betta in a community tank. I was wondering what your opinion in putting a male betta among st a female sorority betta tank?, Thank you.

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