Reptile Expo NH 1 25 2015

Reptile Expo NH 1 25 2015

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I filmed the Reptile Expo in Manchester, New Hampshire. I notice a drop off of non snake vendors. Hope they will be back in other shows!
be sure to check out my video of the latest show at

45 thoughts on “Reptile Expo NH 1 25 2015”

  1. I thought these were super good deals for buyers…. everything was full retail, some even more for prices!!!!! I would be bummed if I drove far for this show!!

  2. *Ask me why backgrounds are important*

    Why are backgrounds important?

    Would you want to be in a fish tank with no background?

  3. Amazing footage and animals (the spiders did frighten me however).

    I'm going to my first reptile expo this Sunday on my girlfriend's birthday (using her account).

    I'm going to make a YouTube video of this event and I'm going to adopt a spider ball python. I'm also going to bring my common ball python, Queen, to the reptile con.

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  5. TAntos lugares bons pra se viver eu nasci logo no Rio de Janeiro 🙁 .Aqui é só cachorro ou gato, com sorte você consegue comprar um periquito na feira…

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