Rescue an Abandoned Dog Who Was Found On The Verge of Death

Rescue an Abandoned Dog Who Was Found On The Verge of Death

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Rescue an Abandoned Dog Who Was Found On The Verge of Death
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★In Massachusetts, a 15-pound Pit Bull mix was found on the verge of death. He lived part of his life wandering the streets, scared and alone. He had raw sores covering his body. The poor pup was almost out of time but, luckily for him, he was finally found and rescued. He didn’t know it yet, but his life was about to change forever. The pup was found by Brockton Animal Control. When the people from the New York-based rescue group Second Chance Rescue NYC learned of the helpless dog they knew they had to help. This is his story…

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28 thoughts on “Rescue an Abandoned Dog Who Was Found On The Verge of Death”

  1. Hugs and belly rubs to this beautiful fur ball. Respect to the rescuers who banded together to give him the best life.

  2. Gli animali hanno bisogno anche loro di AMORE perché non sanno cosa sia l'odio, non sono oggetti perché hanno sentimenti come noi umani. Gli animali sono la prima meraviglia della natura e grazie mille per il vostro aiuto.

  3. Glad he was saved what a sweet heart. He will be your best friend forever animals always know what true friend ship is. Thank you he is beautiful.

  4. A veces me pregunto los políticos son complices de todo esto,porque no ponen leyes más duras y empiezan a aplicar la pena de muerte para casos aberrantes como esto.Soy de la que piensan que las lacras no se merecen seguir viviendo en este mundo porque no exterminarlas así haríamos un mundo mejor.Carceles para que, en casos así,no hay que dudarlo.Seguir manteniendo a estas bestias? nooo!!? muerte con ellas.Me alegro que el perrito este disfrutando de una buena vida.

  5. 아가야 내 맘에 눈물이 나는구나 그래도 예쁜 언니를 만나서 굉장이 다행이구나 행복하렴

  6. Mil obrigados por salvarem o patudinho, Deus vos abençoe sempre, o mundo precisa de mais pessoas assim, enorme bem aja para todos vocês

  7. I am from Rhode island living in Pensacola Florida. We have 6 dogs. I would adopt this kind dog quickly if I could. this was a happy video to watch. this dog will get adopted and be loved. Thank you to the foster a kind person. Happy holidaus you made my day thank you.

  8. Please if you would like to help abused or neglected animals, and you shop at Amazon; they will donate a % to many charities of your choice thru: Amazon Smile based on TTL amt spent. Tku

  9. If you can see multiple wonderful compassionate people pull through together to help one dog, you know its not "just a dog", its a living love giving being who by nature is loyal and loving, then you know your efforts are worthwhile. All animals with emotions and feelings are this way, "not just an animal". I hope people will realize this and let it serve as an awareness to treat ALL animals will care, kindness and most of all COMPASSION and LOVE….if only…if only… everyone would be aware of this, there will be less or no pain, suffering and loneliness placed upon these innocent living, breathing, life deserving creatures, just like us.

  10. 'Ready to Roll' and all volunteers–you are the most precious residents on this planet–I do hope all countries on this planet have an organization like this to help poor abused dogs/ are the most fulfilled and happy people because of your sacrifice to help these poor dogs/animals.

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