We Got A Kitten!

We Got A Kitten!

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Hey guys and welcome to the video of the day we got Astrid, our seal colour point Ragdoll Kitten.

Her instagram:

Thanks to Joe for the amazing pictures he took:

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Love you guys xox

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27 thoughts on “We Got A Kitten!”

  1. For a second I was like “Um their car is wrong the wheel is on the wrong side…” Then I’m like “oooh yeah they live in the UK…”

  2. When I was 7 I got my 3 year old red tabby Cat that looked Orange so I called him Ichigo from the anime bleach .BTW I loved the video it was so cute

  3. I got a kitten and i rescued it one it was cute two it was left in a box in a box in a park and tje ast reason was because he chose me.

  4. U guys have the same cat toys as my kitten psi the catnip candybar has catnip in it pops I no this is old

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