Why Does MY DOG LICK My LEGS – ask me anything – Dog Training Video

Why Does MY DOG LICK My LEGS - ask me anything - Dog Training Video

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If your dog licks your legs it could be for a number of reasons, I’ve heard people say that dogs detect cancer, but I think the dog is more than likely licking your legs because he is being affectionate.

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6 thoughts on “Why Does MY DOG LICK My LEGS – ask me anything – Dog Training Video”

  1. Mutual grooming is such an important thing. I do agree though ,that id persistent in one spot to check with a Doctor. One of my old Collies kept resting her head on my breast and sure enough there was a lump. Thanks Robert : )

  2. Hi Robert, I love your videos! And thank you! you've been a wonderful resource.I have a 17 month old doberman lab mix that I've had since she was 9 weeks old. We've do tons of training, taken 3 obedience classes, learned to swim, socialized galore… She gets at least two hours of exercise a day, and lots of playtime and interaction. I'm fortunate that I can take her to work with me. She's turning into a wonderful dog.
    However, we seem to have hit the dreaded adolescent period. For the past week or so, her behaviour has become erratic and downright bratty. I've taken a step back and crate her when I can't pay her 100% attention, returned to impulse control exercises and more obedience…..I know this is just a stage but I'm feeling very demoralized and frustrated. It seems like all the work we've done has vanished from her brain, and the dog I was so proud of is now just annoying. Am I doing anything wrong?

  3. Ask me anything question! I'm about to buy a town house with my fiancee and I have always wanted a great dane. What's the perfect age to pick him or her up? And how long to get used to everything before I leave he or she in the crate? It's my first dog to train myself.

  4. Hi I'm wondering what you think is a reasonable amount of time for my 9 week-old puppy to hold her pee/poop?

    We've had a few problems with house training our first week with her due to "convenience" pooping in the house (right after 45 mins of being outside). I've understood that I need to use the crate more as she has never relieved herself in there, and that I need to make our time outside a little more boring if I want her to use that time wisely. We take her outside every 1-1.5 hours to pee and watch for the tell "tail" signs in between. Our past GSD puppy, raised over a decade ago, never had any problems with this (wasn't fully crate trained but just liked to chill next to us between play and work) but didn't have quite as much drive as my new half german shepherd/half husky-malamute mutt does.

    I also wake up a couple hours early to make sure she gets out in time to create some success. Again, the past guy just slept through the night and must have had a bladder of steel. At what age can I start stretching her toward my normal wake up time?

    Thanks for any insight! I've enjoyed your videos and trying out new training strategies (shaping and letting her learn to learn with me now instead of more traditional foundational training).

  5. I also heard it’s due to the sweat which contains salt, so it’s somewhat flavorful for them. Noticed if I go for a run, my dog wants to lick my legs whereas he doesn’t do it so often if I didn’t.

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