Teach Your Dog SIT on Command – Perfect SIT – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

Teach Your Dog SIT on Command - Perfect SIT - Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

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Teach your dog Sit on command is one of the very most basic things we teach our dogs. As we know all dogs will sit at one point or another, the issue becomes getting our dogs to sit when we ask them to. This is the core of dog obedience training and I cover this in this video.

This is part 1 of a 2 part series!

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Be sure to look for part 2 of this video coming next week.

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This video covers the basic concept of SIT and also the elements of using sit in competitive dog sports and obedience such as AKC, IPO and ring sports.

Getting your dog to understand the finer points of the obedience is covered as well as the difference between a tuck sit and a roll sit. This training video will give you all of the information to get your dog to understand sit clearly, do it effectively and to make it THE PERFECT SIT!

24 thoughts on “Teach Your Dog SIT on Command – Perfect SIT – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video”

  1. hi robert, if i tell my dog to down, he will do it, i mark it, but after the treat he will pop back up to a sit without me telling him to and i want him to stay down… or i’ll tell him to sit and if i don’t give him the treat right away, he will go down, roll over, try to get between my legs, basically everything i’ve taught him. please help

  2. Greta vídeo, you definitely take training to another level, looking forward for part 2, are you planning to do something for a competition fuzz? Thanks for all the training videos awesome work

  3. Robert thank you so much.
    Do you know if a husky can be trained the way you have trained Goofy?
    And how do you train your dog not to bark, and when to bark, the way you do it in the protection demo from the 11/2015 video.
    Thanks a lot.

  4. thanks for all your videos very very informational. Can I Please know where you find that bench/Stool/Table. I have googled all over but wouldn't find that. Would be easy to teach down and other commands It is the perfect size and height. Would you be able to post a link or place where I can find that.

  5. Love it. I've even got things to work on with "sit". These lessons are so valuable. I'm off to check the mechanics of my dog's sit now. Thanks as always Robert !

  6. Love the video Robert! Hey do you have an online program or something where I can follow your techniques all the way through step by step? Thanks in advance!

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