BreakAway Collars for your Dog’s Safety – Dog Training & Safety

BreakAway Collars for your Dog's Safety - Dog Training & Safety

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Breakaway dog collars can save your dog’s life. When left unattended dog’s can be killed by their collars by strangulation by being caught up in something or even when playing with another dog.

The breakaway collar is your best bet for safety if you must leave a collar on your dog. It is recommended that any dog left with another dog should wear a breakaway collar. Choke chains or even flat collars or buckle collars can strangulate a dog if it gets caught on something.

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7 thoughts on “BreakAway Collars for your Dog’s Safety – Dog Training & Safety”

  1. SUCH an important message! What a GREAT invention! =) I am a cat owner and I always use breakaway collars for my indoor/outdoor cat, but I never thought that dogs need them too! =) Take care!

  2. I'm looking for one just like that except only for indoor use. very thin invisible rope like material with no dyes for my white shiba inu who hates his collar on him indoors. He acts a fool all day of I leave it, so I give in. But sometimes he worries me because other people may leave a door open and he will go and I need him to have ID if he is found by someone else to call me. That reminds me… We just moved so time to update the microchip address! Thank you for sharing this. I worked at petsmart and we never had these.

  3. My only fear is what if your dog crawls under the fence and the collar gets lost no one would know who to contact is the buckley sturdy

  4. Please listen to this! I have a male black GSD and a B&T female.. I almost lost my BGSD! Her jaw got stuck on his collar and she panicked, twisted and started strangling him… Lucky i was home and heard her panicking. It was so hard to take off… and he lay there lifeless and finally it unsnapped… luckily he started gasping and came back around and both turned out to be okay..

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