Is it EVER TOO LATE to Retrain a DOG – ask me anything – Dog Training Video

Is it EVER TOO LATE to Retrain a DOG - ask me anything - Dog Training Video

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The old saying, YOU CAN TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS is very true. In this video I talk about retraining an older dog using a long line and more. Understanding that training your dog creates a bond between you and your dog is important to getting the importance of the training itself.

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7 thoughts on “Is it EVER TOO LATE to Retrain a DOG – ask me anything – Dog Training Video”

  1. I have 2 questions 1. My German shepherd does not get phased when I use the prong collar and I give a good pop, should I switch to using an e collar?
    German shepherd is 3yrs old male
    2. I use the prong collar because he lunges at other dogs on walks if I take him to the park he doesn’t really care for other dogs can a prong collar become ineffective and if so what should I use as a training tool

  2. Never to late to train. I wish some of the people and there dogs would at least try to train their dogs on the fields where I train Zed. It is awful seeing dogs of 5 years old that have never been off their leads/leashes. Makes me sad. Thanks so much Robert : )

  3. I 100% agree its never too late. But I do have one warning to anyone teaching your dog. You will create a very special bond the more you teach your dog the more special the bond is.

  4. My dog is 3 and a half years old and he very sweet and has no problems out in public but he is very protective of our house and property, he also doesn’t like strangers near our vehicle. He will start barking and he has even mouthed some one at the door before( got their hand in his mouth but didn’t bite) I’m worried one of these times something may happen what should I do?

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