The Binary Dog – Robert Cabral’s Dog Training and Approach to Canine Communication #3

The Binary Dog - Robert Cabral's Dog Training and Approach to Canine Communication #3

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In this video I discuss the “Binary Dog” approach to communicating clearly with dogs. Using a simple YES and NO training exercise, dogs can be taught basic commands as well as complex behaviors. Using clear communication with your dog through luring and shaping will develop solid obedience, quick sits and downs durations in obedience.

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28 thoughts on “The Binary Dog – Robert Cabral’s Dog Training and Approach to Canine Communication #3”

  1. You are an excellent teacher. I wish you were close. I have a 18 month old Cane Corso. Great dog. After looking at your video I was taught some bad habits. Will work on correcting. The current trainer is Schutzhund trainer and she is doing great. He is teaching us the same things you mentioned in your video. Thank you again

  2. Another awesome video. I use a yes marker to behavior capture. I use the word Free like you use the word yes. I also use the word good a lot as well in the same manner as you use the word good. Plus all I am doing is just adding 1 more word my dog will understand. I love your use of negative markers. I also love that you do not use those annoying clickers.

  3. Robert, I'm having EXTREME difficulty trying to determine where any of this is any different than Marker Training whatsoever. I have been over and over this, and I cannot find a single difference between Marker Training and what you're doing here as "binary" approach..

    Can you please explain to me what differentiates this from marker training that's been around for decades now? Thanks!

  4. thanks I will try a few lessons you have taught tomorrow. I want to love my dog but he is sooo hyper I have mixed feelings.

  5. Hello Robert, can you make a video how to teach the dog not become fierce when eating or when we put our hand to his bowl while he eating. Thanks.

  6. Sir robert you are fantastic dog trainer! Im a big fan now. I just have one question, is the breed of the dog matters in doing your own techniques? Because i have a 3month old Dachshund, is it possible to train and have results the same as yours?

  7. I am sure you heard of all the same issues owners have with their dogs and training failures. I have taken the time to listen to the experts like you and apply it to my training and for the most part it has all worked. Now, when it comes to walking him around the block and all the sights and smells, no food, treat or toy in the world is going to get his attention. I have tried running backwards yelling "here here" he wants nothing to do with me on our walks. In the back yard or a yard over, no problem listens to the command. Trying to use this method little away from the home at a time does not seem to be helping. I get to a certain point and that dogs wants the smells and in his own littel world. I know it has to be something I am doing incorrectly, can you shed some light on it? Thank you

  8. Yes good advice however timing is crucial and the dog will start to key in on the item or article, the dog may move fraction of a second before release command. Also the training words Yes and No are in our every day language so can be used in conversation while training the dog. Yes was the release not to take the toy, there may be disagreement on this but if the dog is released and grabs the toy then the focus was on the toy.

  9. Did you base your marker training system on Micheal Ellis'es? I've trained my own female working line rottweiler using this reward marker based system. Its great fun and very rewarding. I've also trained my rottie in German and English as well. Good video and nice Mal..

  10. Hi Robert, what can I do, when my dog thinks good is the release word? Whenever I say good he Sodes why he has to wait for. I did it wrong, could you tell me how I can "repair" the command?

  11. He told the dog 'no' without annoyance in his voice and as soon as the dog did the command… he was ready to reward the dog ! It's that simple and that difficult. It's difficult for people because they interject their own laughter, approval, surprise, embarassment, etc. into it. The dog needs what a dog needs and people insist on thinking of themselves rather than what to dog needs .

  12. What type of toy is this? Would you mind sharing a link of your favorite one? I love how balanced is your training, it seems to be fun for your dog while building structure as well.

  13. I like your advice and technics, i have a young german pup i'd like to train her well. Although it feels like a long way from where she is now. Maybe as she grows and her attention developes she'll be easier to train and be more obedient.

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