Socializing Your Dog – the do’s and don’t – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

Socializing Your Dog - the do's and don't - Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

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Socializing your dog is one of the critical things that people often fail in with their dogs. Who should your dog meet and who should they avoid? I give a brief talk to get you some basic information on getting your dog socialized with people. This is a lecture format video without dog demonstrations, one you should definitely watch!

All dogs must be socialized if at all possible… its best to do this with young puppies, but even in later months – it is critical for a well balanced dog that the puppy be socialized.

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18 thoughts on “Socializing Your Dog – the do’s and don’t – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video”

  1. “Ask Me Anything” question: how do I get my 4 year old Catahoula rescue to stop jumping up on people? We’ve tried all the conventional things recommended on YouTube and by the behaviorist that led his obedience class.

  2. Even as a puppy, my dobie didn't "like" everyone. Treats and toys didn't matter. Pro trainer (black) made no difference. Uniforms and ethnicities aren't a factor. If he likes you he never forgets the introduction. However, he's a shrude judge of character . We do only obedience and agility… No bite work.

  3. Well explained as always. As you rightly said,being selective is key regards people and kids. Luckily for my pups I live near a school so I just let them watch the kids go by on their cycles,scooters etc. Zed had lots of rides on mobility scooters. I think most importantly is showing the pup the World.To let them feel textures under their paws. Grwat information on a mostly misunderstood topic. Thank you Robert : )

  4. Apparently this step didn’t go so well with my dog. He is a bullmastiff. In puppy classes we finally stopped going because there was always someone there who was fearful of him and we got pushed to another room (and missed out on the instruction). Now I’m a new dog trainer (ABCDT) simply because my dog is a little dominant, he had issues with hyperarousal, and he is fearful of people who aren’t in our family (especially if he cannot flee). My approach has been to take him in public where I can give him positive experiences while managing others around us so they do not actually approach him. But I’m not sure how to progress him through or even if I’m doing this properly.

  5. Robert, hi! I'll ask you about the best training methods in your opinion. I'm adept of balanced dog training, using -R, +R, -P and in extreme cases of persistant dangerous behavior the +P but always in a remote way that the dog don't associate with the humam presence. This has been the best results since I started to use this format. But some professionals, including a manager of a big petshop here in my country (Brasil) where I was invited to give a lecture, he prohibited my presence for I use negative methods. The professionals of only positive method are atacking and ofending my methods and spreading lies about the effects of negative methods for a lot of clients. That's became a very hard work to convince the owners about the good effects of balanced training and the use of prongs and e-collar. I paciently explains the methods and the effects (including side effects) of the techniques and tools that I use. But even this way, they prefer the positive only. How can I deal with this situation without assume positive training as the best, even I disagreeing? Wich the best way to introduce the negatives for the owners assuming that the honest and clearly way don't has worked anymore?

  6. I'm getting a staffy pup next year. I'm single, though I do have visitors for him/her to meet often, but they'll mostly be the same people and also I live in a semi-rural area. So I've been worrying that a walk around the neighbourhood won't be enough to socialise my dog as we just may not come across anyone or any other dogs all that often. Would leaving it in a Doggy Daycare once a week or fortnight be something I should look at? I'm thinking it'll meet different people and dogs (especially dogs) under supervision. I have no need for dog-sitting as I work from home, but would it be good just for the socialisation?

  7. My issue in this area is I have an autistic son who is very hyper active. When we bring the puppy in he gets over excited and runs back and forth so the puppy chases him. With his limited understanding it’s near impossible to calm him down. We are not sure if to do small sessions of interaction because of how hyper things get or if keeping the puppy always there is better so it becomes less of an exciting thing?

  8. This is a great topic Robert. I had a German Shepherd who had severe fear aggression. I saw two different trainers – one said I should take him to dog parks and get him "exposed" (which incidentally, I didn't agree with for fairly obvious reasons) and another trainer advised not to socialise the dog AT ALL (which my gut said wasn't right). When I say at all, their philosophy (and they are a large international dog training company) was that dogs shouldn't be socialised period because in the "wild" dogs/wolves don't "socialise". They were of the opinion that dogs should be kept in the yard 24/7 and only be exposed to visitors who came to the house. Long story and I won't go into all the details, however, I disagreed with this view, as my dog was an extremely intelligent, active dog and he needed different stimulation. So this is an incredibly important area that should be addressed.

  9. Does that also apply for personal protection dogs
    My dog goes inside different supermarket with persons of different nationality race Heights but does not do very well with all children
    Please reply on what I might be doing wrong

  10. Robert Cabral Great advice for getting your dog socialized. You should have a video the do's and don'ts at the dog park. I would be more than happy to help with talking points on that one. Ruby and I have been to many dog parks and we were regulars at the dog park till she got attacked by a dog that had an owner that had no clue about how to handle dogs.

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