Should We Take Our Pitbull to Dog Parks? – ask me anything – Dog Training Video

Should We Take Our Pitbull to Dog Parks? - ask me anything - Dog Training Video

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Should you take your dog to a dog park or not? This question was asked by the proud new oner of a pit bull puppy. If you are starting your dog out, I do NOT recommend taking the dog to a dog park. Want to know why? Watch this video!

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12 thoughts on “Should We Take Our Pitbull to Dog Parks? – ask me anything – Dog Training Video”

  1. We do not really have dog parks here. What I found very useful was puppy socialization class when My dogs were about 12wks. All pups were kept on the lead and only allowed to meet another pup if calm – were walked away if they barked or not calm. They were allowed to play for a few minutes still on lead and treats showered around them – making for a very positive experience. The pups also got to meet all types – big and small and importantly how to behave when meeting another dog.-

    Beyond these training classes, I walk in a parks trust. They always keep a couple of fields free for dog walkers (although cows/horses may be moved between them) so never the same ones. You get to know which dogs are friendly and which your dog likes playing with, not all dogs will want to play together because they have different play styles. This set up means we choose who plays with them on the field.

    Please remember socialization isn't just about with other dogs. Give your pup as many experiences as you possibly can, in many different environments and to meet as many different people as you can 🙂

  2. I'm an Australian and this week i have come to the conclusion i am completely over dog parks . I have been going to dog parks for about 23 years, twice a day for about 1 hour plus each visit. I am now totally over rude aggressive people with rude aggressive dogs spoiling it for all the good people with nicely trained and well supervised dogs. And most of these idiot people should not own a pet rock . and now to really finish it In the last week i have been charged and menaced 3 times by 3 dogs in a park that has been mostly ok and pretty quiet but of course now word has gotten around and its getting busy full of trouble . The only puppy i would take to a dog park is one from a toy shop, as theres pretty big chance its going to get really pushed around and end up a mess mentally, or grabbed by a dog and physically hurt as well The parks are not what they used to be years ago , no question ! leaving really good owners with …non ….problematic dogs with decisions to make . Your dog can have the best recall and behaviour on the block, and a brilliant owner, but the chances are, when trouble hits, it will NOT be started by him/.her …… but by another dog with an owner busy texting and not caring at all what their dog is doing and when they finally see whats happening will come over an abuse hell out you and walk off abusing you loudly with their dog who has initiated all the trouble !!. they have become very dangerous for dog and owner these days I agree with Mr Cabrall, time to make an other plan and also perhaps join a club where you can all have fun but with a lot more structure around mitigating that high risk of dog parks.

  3. ASK ME ANYTHING; Robert… love your content! We have a 3mo old Golden Retriever who is motivated to learn. How many sessions per day do you recommend as a rule of thumb to train the puppy? Thank you so much… keep the content coming.
    Darren (Central Califirnia)

  4. So glad we don't have dog parks here in the UK. Yes we have popular areas,but not enclosed . As usual the owners stand around chatting rather then engaging with their dogs. Totally agree Robert. Nice to hear this person is going to training classes : ) Thank you . Have a Happy New Year.

  5. I have an ask me anything question! My fiancé and I have a 7 month old German Shepard. He is crated at night and when we are not home to keep him safe, if we don’t take him with us. Recently he has been having potty accidents in his kennel. I know a dog is generally expected to hold his bladder for how many months old they are plus one. He’s holding his bladder for about 8-9 hours at most, but he is never in his kennel that long. He is usually in his kennel 3-4 hours and let out before he is put in. I’ve tried putting a divider in, taking water away 2 hours before bed time and taking more and more steps back to try and prevent his accidents and set him up for success instead of failure but he’s not improving. What should I do?

  6. To Pawsuasive Dog Training…Anything can,and does happen at dog parks. Things can go south in the blink of an eye. Even if your dog has a rock solid recall, he can become a victim of a very bad experience at a dog park. Most people who frequent dog parks with their dogs are paying little or no attention to their dog once the leash is removed. Also, well trained dogs, owned by responsible people aren't usually found at dog parks. So, if you value your dog, please stay away from dog parks.

  7. Organised group walks are a good way to socialise dogs of all ages. A small number of known dogs run by a decent handler. You can go along before hand and get to know the group and the dogs and pick one that's a good fit. I run one in the UK once a month or more (when I get the time) for small dogs including those with issues and it's always brilliant. The dogs have a blast and it's brilliant watching them all interact which helps us get to know them better as dogs.

    In the UK we can let our dogs off leash in most open spaces and parks, woods, beaches, forest, the lakes and 95% of dogs out and about are pretty well under control or skilled enough not to get into trouble or kept on leash.

  8. Robert. Could you please do a short segment on whether a male should be neutered or not (in your opinion) and why? And if so, at what age? Although a long way off, I don't know whether to have Spitfire neutered or not. All vets here in Australia say you absolutely have to neuter. What's your advice?

  9. It is very important to give your dog proper teaching before going to a dog park. If your dog does not have a great recall do not go. Having a good recall is one of the best things you can teach your dog when you got to a dog park. If you would like to know more about being safe at a dog park you can ask questions on my channel. I am hoping to some day do a video with Robert Cabral on the do's and donts of dog parks.

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