30 thoughts on “CATS – The Video Trailer”

  1. When I saw this trailer before Barney’s Great Adventure, I thought that the people actually turned themselves into cats! I’m glad I learned later on that it was a musical based off of book of cat poems by TS Eliot! If anyone wants to see the 1998 version of Cats, there’s videos for each of the songs on YouTube! All you have to do is type in Cats the musical!

  2. I remember seeing this when I was little and I was always confused and a little scared by it-
    I use to always rewind my VHS to watch it again and again

  3. I was watching how I met your mother and they referenced this musical which made me think of this trailer which I hadn’t thought about in like 10 years which made me think about The borrowers vhs that has this on it which I hadn’t seen in 12 years

  4. like many people have been saying, i also saw this as a trailer as a kid and wanted to watch it even though i had no idea what it was. my parents, for some reason, told me it was an adult movie and i couldnt see it. so i grew up thinking this was p0rn.

  5. YESSS I'm so glad people actually remember this on the Barney VHS! Thank god I'm not the only one here with that! I was thinking about the Barney movie yesterday and then remembered this trailer!

  6. Looks like I'm not the only person who watched this trailer at a Barney vhs and was scared shitless of the trailer when young, I'm about to be 16, and the designs of the characters bug me a lot, although I'm getting bad flashbacks when watching the trailer again

  7. I love how most of the comments say they saw this trailer on the Barneys Great Adventure VHS tape and were scared of the trailer because honestly, I thought I was the only one XD

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