This video will make you cry

This video will make you cry

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Once apon a time there was a kitten called Vuitton, he was playful, loving and loved… Once apon a time.

27 thoughts on “This video will make you cry”

  1. i have had to free multiple pets mostly birds because i believe they need their freedom
    but rn i have a cat and she looks very similar to the one in the video
    i think i need another tissue box

  2. Who disliked this video goto h**l because u really don't care so what's wrong with u like littarly he missed his cat when he realized she got out and he was littarly crying

  3. Once i couldn't find my cat and we looked everywhere and she wasn't there. My whole family was in tears, especially me and my dad and i thought, the pitbulls next door probs ate her….. and the next day, i wake up to her on my bed purring and then i started to cry with happiness and my whole family too….true story.

  4. I have a kitty named Shadow, she scratches a lot and goes crazy and runs away a lot, but deep down, she loves me a lot

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