Donkey Baseball – 1935

Donkey Baseball - 1935

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As the off-screen narrator explains the rules, we watch a game of donkey baseball, with the score tied, well into extra innings. The pitcher, catcher and batter are on their feet; all other players are on donkeys. As soon as he hits the ball, the batter jumps onto a donkey and tries to head for first base. Players can dismount to grab a ball, but must hold onto their donkey’s reins. They must remount their donkeys to throw, all throws go to the pitcher (who can’t leave a box that’s chalked around him), and then he throws to the necessary base. One donkey and rider take off from the park through town. Is that legal? It’s certainly asinine.

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  1. so fun! you can't hear commentary like this any more, it just isn't allowed, I guess. But, this is really entertaining! thanks to whoever posted this.

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