How Long Should Your Reins Be?

How Long Should Your Reins Be?

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27 thoughts on “How Long Should Your Reins Be?”

  1. can't people see how uncomfortable this little horse is when on shorter reins? is inflicitin pain really necessary while riding horses we allegedly love? wouldn't a rope halter be enough once you're a good rider?

  2. one of my horses are very hot and they are always wanting to break into a canter or gallop with out my cue and it can be very hard to control him, I was wondering if there is a certain exersize we could do or a certain bit you recommend is there any thing I could do?

  3. I noticed that you're riding your horse on a snaffle bit without a chin strap and I was wondering if you prefer this for a certain reason? I'm just debating getting a chin strap for my self and am wondering what your thoughts are on it. Thanks!

  4. dumbass using a bit. it's hurting the fuckin horse. take that shit out the horses mouth . trainer my ass as she pulls the fuckin shit out of the horses mouth

  5. Hello, I'm a beginner and the reins always keep sleeping out of my hands and the trainer always has to correct me to shorten them, it happens to me with or without the gloves. Do you have any tips on how to keep them short and the right length at all times? This usually happens when I have a lazier/slower horse and have to whip it more in order to reach more speed to go from trot to canter.

  6. Hello, I have really been into horses all of my life and I'm not really experienced but my friend has horses I was wondering how and what should I ask my friend to get me involved with horses? Thank you

  7. I just switched from a horse with a really bouncy trot to a horse with a really mellow trot. I'm really uncomfortable on my current horse. What should I do?

  8. Hi Callie I love your YouTube channel but I have a dilemma. I'm struggling with my rising trot-canter transitions. My instructors are telling me to kick to go up a gait and I'm really struggling with this. My feet have to come way out to get the kick I need and in turn my feet tend to slip through the stirrups. Do you have any hints and tips for me? P.S the horse I normally (and love to) ride at my school is very fast in the canter, how do i slow her down without dropping back to trot. Thanks!

  9. Hey where I ride they use retry race and jumper and rescued horses and one horse I ride is the queen of counter bending making it so canter on the right lead she also has a very fast canter and she leans when she canter making it rely hard to keep balance when i'm cantering her and also makes me worry that i'm hurting her back because i can't keep balance at the canter because she leans so much! if you have Any tip i would be happy to hear them!

  10. This is so great! I just went to a riding lesson and was struggling finding the comfortable length. This video has help! Thank you!

  11. Hello. I wanted to ask in what position I should keep my palms. My trainer says I must keep my thumbs up all the time but I see a lot of riders having their thumbs in horizontal position, knuckles up and it really confuses me.

  12. What I find is if I have too loose of s rein the bit bobbles around in his mouth because the rein is bouncing so I basically take up as much contact until the rein is taught enough so that it won't pop him accidentally.

  13. Hi, how do you know when you are ready to start riding by yourself? I have been having lessons at a riding school for a few months now but would like to spend more time riding. How do I know if I am ready to go out trail riding on a friend's horse?

  14. you should make a video on what type of reins to use depending on the horse like if you should use short reins, longs reins or if u should have split reins and neck rein

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