How many fish can I put in my aquarium? Adding fish to your Fish Tank and Introducing New Fish

How many fish can I put in my aquarium? Adding fish to your Fish Tank and Introducing New Fish

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In this episode we introduce Lamont and talk about how many fish you can keep in a fish tank or aquarium. Some of the factors that go into deciding on what you want to put in etc.

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20 thoughts on “How many fish can I put in my aquarium? Adding fish to your Fish Tank and Introducing New Fish”

  1. Could you help me figure out how many fancy guppies,dwarf gourami, glo danios, pleco and Cory catfish I can put in a 55 gal tank?

  2. I was told 1 betta & 5 neon tetras was ok in a 5gln planted tank, so question would be if I could add 1, 2 or 3 dworf otos to help with my algae problem?

  3. Hi Corey, love your videos. Just got my first fish tank which is a 10 gallon. How many cichlids can I have in the 10 gallon tank? I love Bolivian rams and apistogrammas, but I also love the pea dwarf puffers. Can they all be in the 10 gallon tank or which fish wouldn't be proper for the combination I like? Thank you and keep the videos coming.

  4. hey cory i have a 46gal planted with 2sponge filters and 6 glolite tetras, 6 neon tetras, 6 goldneon tetras, 6 columbian red blue tetras, 6 ghost shrimp, 5 corys, 4 cherry shrimp, 3 nerite snails and 2 dwarfe gouramis is this too many? they all get along and seem happy.

  5. Can anyone tell me if I could keep neon tetras with dwarf Pygmy Cory cats. If so, how many of each. I have a 10 gallon aquarium

  6. I have 20 gallon stocked with 1 pleco, 4 neon tetra, 3 platies, 2 zebra danio. ooh not to mention 3 platy fry. Is my tank over stocked?

  7. I have a 10 gallon tank with 4 fancy guppies 2 platies 2 zebra dianos and a coy sat fish. It is planted. I also have a hang over the back filter. Is this overcrowded? Can I add more fish? Is this the right amount?

  8. Is this overstocked? 1 dwarf lionfish , 1 puffer , 1 clownfish , 1 long nose hawk fish, and a bicolor dottyback in a 50 gal

  9. i have a 20 gal long with 34 fish i just have lots of plants and a aquaclear 70 i have 4 guppies 4 black neon tetras 8 neon tetras 7 pristella tetras 7 scissor tail rasboras 3 chinese alge eaters and a dwarf flame gourami. i have natural colored gravel with driftwood lots of plants my filter holds two sponges a layer of pollyfill and bio media.

  10. Do you think I would be over stocked with 7 harlequinn rasboras, 1 honey gourami , 1 male guppy, and 5 or more cherry shrimp. All in a planted 30 gallon with a aqeon 50?

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