New Year New Bike? Updates and Horses

New Year New Bike? Updates and Horses

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New Year New Bike? Updates and Horses

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Filming Equipment used:-

Helmet Camera – Sony FDRX3000

External Camera – GoPro Hero 4 Silver

External Microphone – Zoom H2N Recorder

Video of my recording setup:-


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4 thoughts on “New Year New Bike? Updates and Horses”

  1. Great news man! Nice to hear some good news at the start of the new year! I wholly agree with your comments, I've following the same regime.

  2. Due to having a kidney transplant in March, I've put on 10kgs in weight, it's a good thing in a way but I do need to eat more healthy meals, less cheese for sure lol. I'm letting myself off for now as I was on a very strict diet for many years and was only allowed 500ml of fluid a day, including lots of things with food like sauce and gravy and the like.

  3. Every time I watch you riding around cheddar I get enraged about the Β£6 I paid for hotdogs in the dodgy cafe there.

    I’m struggling with chest pains at the moment. I have a condition where my breast bone inflames & my chest becomes very sensitive, it means I can’t comfortably lean over & beg.

    Hope is all works out well for you.

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