A day in the life of Karl Cook presented by Horsealot

A day in the life of Karl Cook presented by Horsealot

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Follow USA’s Karl Cook and get a behind the scenes look into a day at the Longines Master of Los Angeles. Presented by HORSEALOT. Want more videos from Noelle Floyd? Let us know by SUBSCRIBING to our channel and we’ll make more videos with your favourite equestrians.

24 thoughts on “A day in the life of Karl Cook presented by Horsealot”

  1. Great to see you guys interacting in such a natural and happy way with each other and those stables wow , I was brought up around race horses who would would have won the Derby just to spend a night in those stables x

  2. I’ve meet Karl. I’m a. 5ft 3 lil 25 year old. He is so tall. Very nice guy. Extremely respectful. I was in Palm Springs for a show when I met him thru some mutual friends. He actually works hard n loves his horses. I don’t think one person had anything bad to say about him. Something I saw that really impressed me was how caring he is with his horses and grooms. A truly genuine horseman! This is what makes a great equestrian.

  3. Anyone else just cringe at the horsealot advert with Lillie Keenan? Her whole expression is just dull and it seems like she couldn't care less about the app!

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