A Longer Look Inside Reptiles by Mack

A Longer Look Inside Reptiles by Mack

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PETA’s observers repeatedly brought injured or ill animals to the attention of supervisors and managers but were consistently rebuffed. Some supervisors preferred to let animals die slowly on their own, sometimes of starvation, rather than ending their suffering. The eyewitnesses and other workers found hundreds of dead animals.


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27 thoughts on “A Longer Look Inside Reptiles by Mack”

  1. Heartless pieces of shit dude. They need to be individually fined for all those dead animals. Poor bearded dragons man and I just tried to get over the death of mine :’(

  2. Worker: I feel bad for them. They're just on there with all these dead like decaying guys. Seeing their own future.

    Me: They probably escaped to try and have a better life. To be free and eat what they want and do what they want without seeing there mates die in small, inappropriate frickin' cages with horrible jerks "caring" for them!

  3. im just glad i got my african turtle as a baby out pet smart in virginia. btw got a baby milk snake glade it didnt live in pets mart

  4. Disgusting bastards! Other than the "very few" employees who did seem to care,,,may you all rot in hell, being eaten alive by dragons.. seriously, these poor animals should never be sold as pets!

  5. This might be a dumb question…. Howcome an RSPCA kind of organisation can't just close them down for animal abuse and cruelty?

  6. Do the petsmarts in Edmonton buy from that company I am planning to get one from the store but the ones for sale looked fine?

  7. I dislike PETA, but the treatment of these animals is deplorable. If I could, I would take all of the animals and feed them, love them, and give them all the care they need.

  8. When my family caught me 2 wild frogs to keep for a couple days in my old fishtank, while they where setting up it (cleaning, putting things up, getting some water in there for entertainment and drinking, etc.) I kept them in an empty water-bottle with the top lightly screwed off for air, but not enough for escape, but, they didnt want to escape, they loved me. They sat on the bottom of the bottle, playing together, looking at me, and watching me play minecraft. when the tank was set up, I put them in carefully and watched them. I named them Hoppy and Ribit. A couple days later, dad found a larger frog, and put it in my tank. I was scared it was going to eat Hoppy or Ribit, but instead it just hung around with them and minded its own business, I named him Hulk. After a couple days, dad had me release them back into the wild, where they belonged. The thought of Hoppy, Ribit and Hulk being caught by a different person and sent to this hell is sickening! They are just little froggys! Hoppy and Ribit were little bois who had trouble climbing! If I ever see Hoppy, Ribit, or Hulk in a PetSmart, or Reptiles by Mack, I will stop at NOTHING to save my babies!

    Same goes for my cat, Max. Max was an orphaned cat found by my Mom's brother's wife (complicated I know). She saw him and his siblings threw out by some heartless demon man and immediately rescued them. Keep in mind they where little day old babies at that point! One was already dead! After taking care of them, that Christmas, Mom and Dad said they would get me a cat. That night, they drove me and my brother, Chase, over to my Mom's brother's + wife's house. They had 1 cat up for free adoption, Molly (Max's black cat sister, did I mention he is a mutt?). Molly was not very keen on being adopted by us so the wife brought done a little ball of grey, soft, long fur. Upon closer inspection, the little fur-ball was ALIVE!!! It was Max, a MaineCoon. We immediately adopted him and gave him a new home! To think of Max, Molly, or any of the other siblings being in the hands of PetSmart puts a mixture of fear and rage into my heart…

  9. Heartless just heartless don't need to be in business at all!!! They need to do jail time for animal neglect and abuse..with one meal a day and a toilet that hardly works!!! I'm apolled how people can do this seriously..!!! Harible


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