47 thoughts on “Animal Expert David Mizejewski: Black Palm Cockatoo & Crocodile – CONAN on TBS”

  1. Living in FL most of my life, I can definitely vouch for alligators and how chill they are. I've had a few come up or just swim close by and they literally just wanna say hi and check you out. Just don't be stupid and throw rock, or try to grab them or something. I did let a gator have some of my watermelon before lol. They're cool, cros look like they always have a attitude problem though. Also interesting creatures but I'm thankful for our gators and I've never seen them other than next to a body of water like a lake or river.

  2. The black palm cockatoo is native to far north Queensland in Australia, Papua New Guinea and the southern Islands of Indonesia.

  3. That crocodile probably thinking "why did you- why-how and why- bring me back.
    "The light is too bright! And I want to go home.
    Just imagine if someone dragged you into a brightly 
    lit room with their hands clamped over your face.
    Then he tried to trick you into opening your mouth 
    with a long object and and when you refused he told all your crocodile secrets to an observer and also said 
    that you were doing well for your self.

  4. I don't think their insurance policy would cover any damage.
    Otherwise feel free to call 555-Arcoserv for the best insurance deals on the market!

  5. Me and my son seen 3 black cockatoos but not the red bit it was yellow, they should leave the poor crocodile. Let it be an animal

  6. This is kinda late ,I just wanna say Conan really looks like legendary pirate with a black parrot.
    Yes, Conan the Pirate of the Seven Seas, happy New year 2019…..

  7. At least David Mizejewski has an actual degree in ecology, unlike most 'animal enthusiasts' appearing on talk shows who show little regard for actual animal treatment. Park rangers scream bloody murder at each of those 'enthusiasts' for encouraging human encroachment of wildlife, knowing full well that such interaction will lead to more destruction of animal habitats and more deaths.

  8. "The whole poking it with a stick thing…" FINALLY, someone has the brains to consider that animals don't like being messed with. If someone had just told that idiot, Steve Irwin, the same thing years ago he might still be alive. Or some other animal might have nailed him. He was such a pest.

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