Best Pets Of The Year 2018 | Part 2

Best Pets Of The Year 2018 | Part 2

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Let’s keep the good times rolling with part 2 of The Best Pets Of The Year!

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45 thoughts on “Best Pets Of The Year 2018 | Part 2”

  1. When i saw the last scene i just though "ok… who will be the first to remind people of NOT buying pets to christmas rather then enyoing a video"… ok guys… u are too many to count. Nice video!

  2. What the hell was the last animal getting a cheek massage and smiling like he was in heaven?? He was so damn cute. Could not tell what the little guy was.

  3. 9:19 , really? kids scream and frighten the poor little puppy half to death!! Firstly don't your kids know not to frighten baby animals? They should know, they're old enough. Stupid, stupid idea to put a poor frightened puppy in a box. Lets put the adults in a box and let lions scratch it open, see how they feel.

  4. Try Not To Smile Challenge…

    As dogs happily herd into a pool, as adorable cow chases a ball, as horsie gets snuggled, as cat plays Tele-Boxing with mini boxing gloves…

    I believe I have failed…

  5. This was just a delight to watch. The music, the videos, the whole things was just brilliant!!! Thank you soooo much!!!!!

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