BUDGET TURTLE KEEPING – my money saving tips

BUDGET TURTLE KEEPING - my money saving tips

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caring for turtles isn’t cheap, so these are my budget turtle keeping tips! from buying used tanks to turtle diys, there are many ways to save money while still giving your turtle the best life possible.

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20 thoughts on “BUDGET TURTLE KEEPING – my money saving tips”

  1. I'm sure you already know this, but PetSmart and Petco price match Chewy as long as you bring it up on your phone and show the cashier it's the same product.

  2. Turtle girl, I got a brand new Marineland Magniflow 220 on Amazon for $77. The local Pet Supplies Plus had it for $139. So did PETCO and PetSmart. I'm in Indianapolis. I also had an Amazon gift card from Christmas and the total came down to $55. I love this canister. It is super quiet and has 4 filter trays. It's only been running since 12/30 and needs to build up some good biome but the water is crystal clear and actually smells good. I also run a 5.0 UVB compact light and a 75W basking spot. My three hatchling sliders are doing great. They are already shedding some skin. They are probably three months old now. I also have been using spring water at $.89 a gallon which is starting to cost me. I'll begin to use tap water and condition it. Turtles are not fish. i don't think they will mind.

  3. Great information. Its good to see how much you take ownership of the hobby. And taking great care of your pets/little family members.

  4. My daughter Candace the turtle lady that asked about her eastern painted turtle Chloe and how to get her to eat a variety wants to ask if it's best to keep her turtles out side during the winter or bring them inside?

  5. I’ve been eyeing that basking spot for a while now, I’m definitely going to get it. My turtle has been becoming quite the escape artist lately though, have you noticed any possible escape routes when you have that and the water all the way up

  6. Don’t know how I’ve never seen your videos as I love turtles and own one myself. I clicked subscribe real quick!

  7. Hey I have a 2.5 inch river cooter. I was thinking of using cuttlebone but I don’t know how much to use how to use it could you make a vid on it or at least put a link on a good video

  8. Lovely video! I LOL'd when you called Petsmart. When I worked at Petco, we couldn't price match any online store that wasn't our own which means no price-matching Chewy or Amazon. Some of those products are crazy expensive in-store!

  9. I have you as some kind of master, I've been watching you since yesterday, because I wanted to do research, I'm buying a Red-eared slider maybe even tommorow! can you give me some quick tips?

  10. I got most of my turtle equipment from resale shops like goodwill and St Vincent De Paul (lights, tank, and decor). The river rocks I use I got from Dollar Tree (1 pound = $1) and even my turtle dock (Penn Plax The Reptology Large Turtle Pier – Large) I bought new from wal-mart for less than $15! (free ship to store). I even built a edging out of thin acrylic ($20 with free cutting at Lowe's) that fits inside the inner lip of the black edging so I could increase the water level all the way to the top and Paula (my turtle's name) cant escape. Side not about the edging, it's really funny watching her pulling herself up over the top of the tank to look at me!

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