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  1. Hey I’ve never done bull riding before and I wanna get into it and I’m Turing 15 this year I was wondering if I was too old to start.

  2. Yo soy un vaquero de rodeo de 13 años y si duro en todas las veces que eeee montado estoy orgulloso de representar a mi pais en rodeos juveniles y PBR pronto estare en la global cup

  3. Not too bad of a video, just wish that the people that do not like rodeo, would stay out of the comments, all the misinformation and rhetoric just plain gets old…..

  4. I wouldn't recommend taking a full wrap for your first ride. I would just take a bubble or a lay over just for his first time. And always have your chest out and chin down I you don't want to kiss that bull

  5. true but however i ride and they also care about your safety and i would know this because my cousin helps raise PBR bulls

  6. Just so the Badger knows, contractors care more about the bulls safety way more than yours they treat these animals like they were their babies because they spend thousands of dollars on keeping these bulls in the best conditions to perform and win.

  7. You may think its corrupt, but you seem to think that these bulls have a choice. The bull contracters BREED THESE BULLS FOR THIS!!!!

  8. so, you went to a rodeo a long time ago. you realise how much racism has changed right? what makes you think rodeos have not? i know breaking horses has changed dramatically the past 50 years. anyway, the cattle industry (like you said in another comment) has very little to do with a rodeo. it's like a rap artist talking about what it's like to be a country singer.

  9. it shows videos from a few rodeos. again, the worst of the worst. you still use one source and claim it is true with very little evidence. you have no first-hand experience in subject and you use no other source other than one youtube channel. like i said, do some research.

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