Corn Snake Enclosure Set Up // Getting an Upgrade!

Corn Snake Enclosure Set Up // Getting an Upgrade!

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Pheonix came to me in a 20 gallon tall, which is not suitable for a 4ft snake AT ALL! Watch how I set up her new 30 gallon enclosure!

For the first time, she will have hides, foliage, and a substrate to burrow in. The water dish I bought for her doesn’t fit in this tank, so I do have to buy a new water dish still (how ever I am looking to buy a new tank at the next reptile expo, so we’ll see what happens 🙂 )

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Editing: Adobe Premiere and Windows Movie Maker
Filming: Nikon Coolpix p600

2 thoughts on “Corn Snake Enclosure Set Up // Getting an Upgrade!”

  1. Cute snake! Also how do you edit your videos and make a thumbnail? My thumbnail always is weird and my videos turn out bad because i dont know how to edit that well!

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