Could You Kill A Kitten? – Derren Brown

Could You Kill A Kitten? - Derren Brown

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By using negative suggestion, can Derren Brown convince someone to kill a kitten?

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35 thoughts on “Could You Kill A Kitten? – Derren Brown”

  1. I would never ever ever ever ever push the button but I hate cats but like seriously it’s so mean to that ball of fluff

  2. I’m a dog person but I really really REALLY want to slap this lady right now

    Edit:oh ok good it doesn’t actually kill it

  3. Wait so she will get money to NOT kill the kitten?!?! How is it hard to NOT kill the kitten and get paid?!? I don't understand.

  4. I'd rather Kill the host and this twat that pushed the button…..and then adopt the kitten.
    I have no doubts she's off kilter…..and He's a fucking nutjob!!!
    (what'll you spend the 500 lbs on?….How about therapy????)

    just saying.

  5. I really couldn't in my innocent conscience kill a living and breathing, kind animal like a kitten or any creature of that kind. I'm too repulsive to kill or steal the life of any organism on this green and blue Earth its just pure instinct. Humanity should be a whole with the natural species as should we but we don't and that's kinda shameful to the entire out look of life whereas LIFE is meant to be fulfilled as love, care, protection and cooperation. Reply if you wanna share your relative opinion

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