Deer Dog Drive – Hounds Chase Big Deer To Me

Deer Dog Drive - Hounds Chase Big Deer To Me

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Another successful hunt folks!! Eric is deep in the woods when the dogs run two deer right to him! Enjoy the action…

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25 thoughts on “Deer Dog Drive – Hounds Chase Big Deer To Me”

  1. Fans subscribe to KingTJ 100 and I will do a puppy giveaway for 200 subs also will do a hunting video with pitbulls to show they can do it too

  2. I know you guys don't have a lot of huge bucks down there, but I have heard in the past that many monster bucks were taken with dog hunts. Is it really hard to get a huge buck with a dog hunt, because they are really cagy and slip away, or are they so rare that nobody ever comes across them? I was just wondering. I enjoy the videos.

  3. You always have my heart racing when I hear your dogs trailing the deer! Love your videos as you have great content!!! You guys are rocking it

  4. Nice job brother congratulations! But the next time you tell the dogs to drag the deer out of the water for you and they try don’t yell at them lol… I almost fell over I thought that dog was going to do it lol.. awesome video y’all, keep them coming!

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