Dog Training Using Food Luring – Professional Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Using Food Luring - Professional Dog Training Tips

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Dog training using food luring is a common way to create a behavior that your dog finds rewarding. But a lot of people are concerned that if they use food in their dog training that their dog will become dependent on the food. They want their dog to do as they ask, without needing to have treats or some way to bribe their dog so they will do as they are asked. In this video, we will show you how to stop using food in your dog training so you can have a well-behaved family member, whether you have treats in your hand or not.
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5 thoughts on “Dog Training Using Food Luring – Professional Dog Training Tips”

  1. Transferring value to something other than food is called a Conditioned Reinforcer. Some people use a clicker, we choose to use the word, YES to let our dogs know they have made a great choice! What do YOU use as your Conditioned Reinforcer? Is it a word? Is it a sound?

  2. Aww, my puppy who was rescued in Monument Valley looks just like this dog but Bibi has one brown eye and one eye that is blue and brown. I figure she is an australian cattle dog mix. What breed is this dog?

  3. Awesome video!
    I already understood the sequence of saying the command right before the action of luring in order to get the dog to predict the action after it hears the verbal cue. But, I never thought that having the food in front of the dog as you say the verbal cue as a distraction and potentially slowing down the learning process. Thank you for this bit of information, makes total sense! can't wait to put this into practice.

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