Forest Kittens – How to Drive a Tent

Forest Kittens - How to Drive a Tent

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Badger and Junebug are still working out how to drive a tent. They’ve tried racing it – that was exciting – but how about a leisurely drive across the carpet? Boring. Let’s try rolling it a few times.

Mama Eve took on the Happy Forest Kittens after Sloane was returned to her feral colony. The kittens have adjusted well to being with a very social mama and kittens. Now that Eve’s Palindrome Kittens have been adopted it’s the Forest Kittens’ turn to finish up their stint at TinyKittens School of Charm and Adorableness. They’ll be spayed and neutered, then move on to their own homes. The tuxedo girl w/ mostly black face is Junebug, the white girl is Katydid, the calico girl is Cricket and the tuxedo boy w/ white nose stripe is Badger.

Tinykittens fosters in partnership with Langley Animal Protection Society at and vet care is provided by the phenomenal Dr Ferguson of

For more information go to or their facebook page at
Adoption information is at

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