Good insects in your fish ponds

Good insects in your fish ponds

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How great can insects be in your fish pond?

lets find out!

Please note that clips with insects are not owned by me. They were taken from varied links. I lost my list of links accidentally.

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11 thoughts on “Good insects in your fish ponds”

  1. Gday brother. So cool. We have all them down here No:5 brings back so many memories right back to the farm growing up. I thank you so much the good old days. Happy days

  2. Hello Raleigh, a great video. Very interesting is that in Germany almost the same species live. Very good I find the information about the Water Strider. Good work. Keep it up. Respect. Have a nice day.✌️

  3. Very interesting video and cool too bevause i havent seen alot of these type of insects in person just a few .

  4. This was a fantastic education lesson. Please do more, as I really enjoyed this content. Better than National Geographic!

  5. Great video man. Lots of good info. I don’t have a pond yet but have been researching so much to be ready for one in the future. I never thought about insects in the pond.

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