HBW58 – Stove Top Dead Pony Club

HBW58 - Stove Top Dead Pony Club

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Stove top brew day. Making the extract version of dead pony club.
1 hour steep of some biscuit and crystal grains.
1 hour boil of citra and simcoe hops (additions at 60 mins then 30 mins).
3Kg of maris otter pale malt extract.
US-05 yeast then dry hopping.

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5 thoughts on “HBW58 – Stove Top Dead Pony Club”

  1. Great looking brew day Mark and a tasty sounding clone recipe! Hard to beat a stove top when times a bit tight. You've inspired me to do a stove top. I haven't done one for a while. Hopefully this week. Cheers Dino

  2. I use tap water to calibrate my refractometer every time I use it, but I only use it before fermentation as they are not keen on alcohol so during and after fermentation I use the hydrometer.

  3. I haven't yet calibrated my refractometer. I've kind of been assuming that if I use it for both OG and FG readings then even if the absolute reading is inaccurate the difference between the two, and therefore the ABV calculation, will be correct-ish.

    I did start out doing both hydrometer and refractometer measurements but they never matched and the difference was inconsistent, which bugged me, so I now avoid the problem by only using the refractometer. Ignorance is bliss.

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