How to trim a cat’s nails

How to trim a cat's nails

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Time to trim a cat’s nails. Owners dread it, cat’s need it, your furniture and skin will thank you for it, here’s how to trim your cat’s nails at home without fuss or stress!

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30 thoughts on “How to trim a cat’s nails”

  1. Wow, I was unintentionally doing this right the whole time! And my cat's quite a character, DEFINITELY not a calmest sweetheart like Mr.Pirate, but she's taking this procedure just fine

  2. I rescued a cat last year and she was TERRIFIED of everything and she would flinch. Three months after cuddling her, giving her an XL dog bed with toys and blankets, she allowed me to get the BIGGEST goop out of her eye for like… Three minutes. Eternal trust: 100% gained.

  3. I like to wrap my cat in a towel or a blanket and cuddle it for a few minutes before starting.
    This calms them down and makes the trimming less stressful for both of us.

  4. So happy to see you suggest real nail clippers instead of that crap marketed as cat nail trimmers. Real clippers are just as you described, more control, more precise, and you can easily get through all layers of the nail in one quick, clean cut.
    I would add that another good reason for trimming just the tips is that for cats with very thick claws (like the one I have now), the shock from the clipper cutting through that thickness could be very uncomfortable for the cat. E.g., when I trimmed my own human toes after forgetting I had feet for about half a year, I tried to lop off the entire excess of a thick big toe in one go round– This resulted in a sharp, uncomfortable, and slightly painful jolt up through my nail bed that left me reeling for a moment. I figure if it was that unpleasant for me, it would likely also be a negative an experience for an animal with unusually thick claws. Just a thought.

  5. Why is Pirate so cute??? Best educational video ever. Not only did I learn some tips about trimming nails, I also got a cuteness overload >.<

  6. But is it something you need to do? Trimming your cat's nails? I've never done it with mine but don't feel the need to (she doesn't really scratch furniture too much – or me, ever, intentionnally at least)… It is better to do so anyway or can I just leave her be if her claws don't bother me?

  7. I let my cat sit on my knees and put my arm around his side and lift his paw and clip it with the other hand. I use nail clippers like he does. I've been doing it since he was a kitten–now I have a new kitten to get into the habit. She's a bit less cooperative.

    And ALWAYS treat your cat to a treat after a clip.

  8. both my cats let me trim their nails when they are sleepy. They never fought with me on the matter 😉 I love them so much.

  9. My cat doesn‘t let anyone touch his paws, even if you just touch the very tips of the fur around his toe beans he will instantly pull the paw away, even when he‘s in a deep slumber…however, he does use his scratching posts A LOT, to the point if actually cutting through the rope. Now my question is: do I still have to trim his claws if he uses the scratching posts regularly? And even more important, is it normal that his paws are so sensitive? Or could it be that he‘s in some kind of pain? He does walk normal and plays around a lot so I never really considered anything being wrong with his paws.

    As always this was a really great and amazingly helpful video!

  10. the way he is just staring at you while you do your work. pirate clearly trusts and loves you very much. this is proof to cat haters that cats have so much love in them.

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