Introduce Your Labrador to Gunfire – Hunting Dog Training

Introduce Your Labrador to Gunfire - Hunting Dog Training

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If you’ve been around dog training and duck hunting long enough, you’ve heard of a “gunshy” dog. With the proper introduction, it can be prevented. See how to properly introduce your Labrador in this week’s retriever training video.

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4 thoughts on “Introduce Your Labrador to Gunfire – Hunting Dog Training”

  1. How do I do if I need to train him to not react to gun shot sound and he’s been traumatized with dumb guys throwing fireworks at him ?

  2. How old is Matty? I have a Wired Haired Griffon puppy (5 months). What age is a good age to begin this process? I have access to property where I can do this with my wife. Also can you simulate doing a retrieve with this same approach using the distance shot and moving closer?

  3. If you wouldn't mind explaining why you say sit to your dog continuously when he is already sitting. Just as a reminder. Would it be more sufficient to use markers to mark the desired behavior? Thank you

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