Jardini Arowana Fish Care – Warning Live Feeding

Jardini Arowana Fish Care - Warning Live Feeding

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– Aquarium jardini arowana fish care and tank setup. Try to get your Arowana to eat some pellets once and a while. To ensure they get the needed vitamins. These food sticks work great. Here is a link:

Hikari Food Sticks:

Added predator fish talk:
But yes. That is an ever going debate among animal and plant keepers. From snakes (pythons and boas, colubrids) iguanas (Cycluras and greens), frogs, macaws, orchids… and the same goes for dog breeds with the poodle mixes and bully breeds, for example. However, it is my understanding that’s this group is managed by flowerhorn breeders and importers, so hybrids are to be expected here.

They’re purists and non believers everywhere in everything. Keep doing what keeps you motivated and happy and they’re will always be supporters. I’ve been following what you do and I’m greatly interested in it. You’re changing the game, just make sure everything is well understood as far as marketing and documenting.

must also factor in hybrid vigor or positive heterosis in some of the batches of hybrid cichlids… but I do agree overtime that goes south fairly quickly in just a few generations if not carefully done right. I’m the first person to cross an Oscar with an arowana and a convict with a pleco and in 1999 I successfully crossed a fiddler crab with a blue umbee.

This is what I was figuring at one point. I’ve always contemplated weather feeding live was a good idea. I’m also getting feedback of people who raise their own so they are parasitic free. I didn’t know exactly how to approach my idea but I am contemplating still. Thank you for your feedback.

thank you for your feedback just trying to see how many people actually feed their fish live and if it is really something that is really frowned upon in the hobby. I only feed our amazon leaf fish live endlers, they will take blood worms if I can get them to float right. We are trying to get the endlers to breed.

I used to breed minnows to feed to my Oscars on Channel Cats. Even though I bred them I still treated the tank monthly to make sure there were no parasites going into the big tank. i do it occasionally…once in awhile ill buy a bunch of feeder guppies or minnows and just let them rip…when i had a tank with 4 oscars it was like pure carnage with piranhas whenever it was treats time.

I am off to work and I am asking for the feedback because I am contemplating the idea of running a livestream on my page to show the agility and speed of prey and predator please continue to give feedback I will continue to read on. I have used multiple wildcaught species, such as Mayan cichlids, tilapia, sailfin mollies and mosquito fish as feeders for many of my monster fish. Never have had any issues with parasites.

It’s illegal in the UK. However, you can feed live invertebrates. I’d consider inverts but not fish or other higher organisms. People say it’s natural but it’s not. Natural instincts maybe but the fact that your facilitating it and it’s a closed system makes you culpable. Indirect parasitism is very real and so is the fact that many vertebrates feel pain and in mammals, fear.

Easy feeders you can breed yourself ( the problem with parasites comes primarily from store bought fish) Celestial danios,zebra danios, bluegill,convict cichlids , triops,most livebearers such as mosquitofish, crickets,cherry red shrimp,scuds, jewel cichlids,convict cichlids,earthworms, grasshoppers,mayflies/damselfly larvae (easy to culture outdoors), Fathead minnows,Mexican dwarf crayfish,. Always avoid goldfish due to the thiaminase inhibitors they contain ( once the leading cause of death for large captive fish, still high up there).

Mostly frozen shrimp and pellets but i do keep feeders in my sump for fun snacks. My xingu will eat 8 large gf in like 2 min. And would do it every other day if i let him. I feel like id have to have a 240g just to try and breed enough fast enough to maintain stock in breeding tank.

I breed, quarinteen & feed my own live food, the fish seem to enjoy it & I haven’t had any issues in over 3yrs doing this. Bonus it saves some money on feeders lol. That being said I still feed pellets & frozen blocks aswell, its good to give them a varied diet. I feed em my cull fry. Nothing goes to waste here. We primarily raw frozen, flake and pellets. During the summer I started a fly culture and harvested maggots. My fish loved them.

I fed my tank of 5 small jack Dempsey fish flies that died on my windowsill all summer. There were never any pesticides used on the flies or window. I know they probably didnt have any nutrition value but at least my fish thought they were getting a treat. They are all still fit as a fiddle. Plus it saved me a trip to the trashcan every time.

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  1. Please also consider a video on Leichardti Arowana. There is so little information on these fish. They are also Australian Aro’s, but less aggressive, correct?

  2. Wow a beut!!!! Awesome bro im gonna buy a red belly for my tank to show how how weak they are!! If theres a stream tonight i cant be there i got a date tonight……. and…… have you sent the stickers? I just cant stop thinking about them lol

  3. I’m a hobbyist, and Aquatic Gardiner first. One tank for one fish is not too smart, a bad steward, and not wise for having limited space in a house. Good luck in selling them!

  4. Yeah man my jiardini beat the piss out of my jaguar Cichild, flower horn, larger red devil. I had to move them out after being together for four months.

  5. Hey Palmer, I have a question regarding a fish tank stand and I am in desperate need of advice. Is there any way to get in touch with you besides commenting on Youtube?

  6. Love the Jardinis, unfortunately even though they pretty much are the Australian Arowana they are hard to come by here, thats why I have 2 Leichardti Arowanas which are reasonably similar

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