Male or Female? How to Tell the Sex of a Kitten!

Male or Female? How to Tell the Sex of a Kitten!

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Here’s a quick and easy video all about how to tell if a kitten is male or female, featuring rescued kittens Velouria, Margot, Phillip, Winston, and Barnaby!

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Video filmed by Andrew Marttila — @iamthecatphotographer!
Video produced by Adam Myatt — @catmanofwestoakland!

41 thoughts on “Male or Female? How to Tell the Sex of a Kitten!”

  1. I didn’t get the part about the females look like they have a line back there. A line how? I could see a line on the males too. I still could tell them apart though based on the spacing between the genitals and the butthole and that it looked puffy around the male genitalia.

  2. I still cant frickin tell mines gender. I've been calling her a girl but shes got the pink line but the hole is a little farther away then these females. I guess I'll just have to wait to see if any balls drop in a month or two

  3. Thanks for the info- Me and a bunch of my friends tried to research this but we were highly inaccurate because of one thing- my cat’s behind was to furry for us to see anything.

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