Pomona Reptile Super Show 2017!!

Pomona Reptile Super Show 2017!!

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Pomona reptile super show 2017, i had a great time at the show. This was my 2nd time and it was better than last year. I hope you enjoyed the video i put together.

Check out the pet expo i went to recently


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36 thoughts on “Pomona Reptile Super Show 2017!!”

  1. Hi, do u still remember the price about the White bearded dragon? I would like to get one in this yaer's reptile expo. Thanks.

  2. Sad at 1:00 the bearded dragons ear is severely irritated from that stupid powdery sand that people use in dragon tanks. STOP USING FINE GRAINED SAND

  3. Hey dude I want a Kenyan Sand boa So bad but my parents say that snakes r not good pets. What do u think I should tell them to convince the, BECASUE I want one so bad!

  4. Well thanks for showing only a couple seconds of the skinks. I mean, you showed more of the pig than you did the skink collection.

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