Preserving a Symbol of the West

Preserving a Symbol of the West

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The Carson National Forest’s Wild horse adoption program, focusing on the Forest Service’s efforts to preserve wild horses in the west.

3 thoughts on “Preserving a Symbol of the West”

  1. There is more to a Wild Horse than being a Use. The best way to understand a wild horse is to give them the land to be uninhibited by man's manipulations, to be a wild animal as they are intended and naturally selected to be. It surprises me how so many range ecologists have such small minds and are biased — (Eg: they see millions of acres affected by drought, yet they get called to only look at the area horses are that share with livestock, encroachment etc and oh its the horses that caused this) Horses are only on 2% of fed. land. In NM they have already zeroed out 90% of the horses, why are they still after the last of the Native (NM native are specialised by natural selection to live in a desert environ.). It is not because of damage. If that were the case we would of seen damage in the 30's when there were 100,000 or in the 40's when there were 50,000 or even in the 90's when there were 5000, but now when what 1000 throughout NM exist???

  2. Whatever they have to do to get these animals out of the wild. Why anyone is advocating for preservation of a non-native, destructive, large mammal simply because it's a symbol of white expansion into the west is beyond me, however.

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