44 thoughts on “World’s Most Dangerous Rodeo Bull- Bodacious”

  1. Looking at other bull riding videos, Bodacious moved totally different from other bulls, If you look at his feet, he did a two step, He didn't do circles and he would change his pattern, up and down, go to the left or right and then just contort his body. Awesome bull, sad he hurt people

  2. They say the Bulls of today are more rank than they use to be but there is no bull today that can compare with this monster!… this mother would literally try to kill you and I wish we could see the Riders of today on this bull without any helmets on!… I guarantee you this bull would get JB Mauney and the other Riders attention very quickly!!

  3. 4:18…Truer words have never been spoken. Although, they do make the decision to attempt to ride these animals for prize money…perhaps we should be discussing bravery instead of intelligence?

  4. Damn i remember my dad talking bout this bull i just love thi bull but i feel bad for the riders that got injured by him ..great bull

  5. Got my left chest crushed under a low boy trailer. I wouldn't let anyone help me up cuz I knew my ribcage was crushed. Luckily, kept me from puncturing my lung then. A nursing assistant pulled me up in the bed by my arms 3 days later driving bone sections into my lung. Got intubated, chest tubes & off to surgery. Woke up 4 days later with ribs 2-9 plated with titanium. Broke the plate on rib 6 one year later trying to stop a dog fight & it can't be fixed. I'm 60 years old, 105 pounds. Grandson calls me "bionic Nana". Not just cowboys are tough!

  6. LOL!!! I swear these fucking cowboys got the biggest balls in the world to even practice that crazy ass sport, let alone ride that fucking monster of a bull!!!
    Long live Bodacious!!!
    Hail the almighty fucking Bodacious-the fucking cowboy crusher!!!

  7. Does anybody know who lane frost is because that is probably the reason why they made vests so they can protect the riders ribs

  8. i havent ridden bulls in 20 years, and to this day i still have immeasurable respect for tuff hedeman for turning down that last ride. he kept his word to his son, and didnt care if anyone had a problem with it. hes more of a real man than any that i personally have ever met.

  9. Bodacious was really not that rank of a Bull. I rode all these bulls coming up. I was one of the only 8 who rode him not once but twice. I rode other bulls that were more rank. These and this organization is just looking for something to promote. But, anyway, These guys would not last 2 mins in a UFC cage! I like the fact that they all sure like to talk good about the dead and talk crap on the live! These Texas girly boys could never last in the UFC cage. I was raised on a huge cattle ranch and was riding since 4. ! These dumb Texans are as dumb ass people..All Texans are dumb….

  10. He was super rank and dagerous like to sling that head around and jerk people down not only was he big rank and dangerous he was very athletic

  11. Bodacious absolutely hate's everything and takes extreme pride in it! if this monster could put into words how he feels about humans……

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